Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quick Skateboarding Interlude: YUNG DIESEL BOYS VOLUME 4 - "Still cookin"

Personally I dunno how my mainest dawg and all-around ripper Wes Allen (aka Tuque if you 'bout that Slap-messageboard life) jumped from Volume 2 to Volume 4 of the YUNG DIESEL BOYS skateboarding-and-rap-appreciation-video-series, because I would hate to miss one of these tight-ass installments. "Wait, where's Volume 3!?!?", I asked myself. Then I realized that my man right here was a born hustlapreneur and that, much like rap mixtapes and "street DVDs" are promoted, he's making us all feel like we've been slippin', like "oh shit a new Yung Diesel Boys vid out already? I better get my ass in gear and CATCH UP!!!" Anyways, streets been thirsty for this one....

YUNG DIESEL BOYS VOLUME 4 : "Still cookin'" from Thomas Allen on Vimeo.
Filmed all over Sonoma County, and of course Oakland. It's got appearances by Wes, Trevor Murphy, Peter Senecka, Isaac Nielsen, Jay Masonek, and more, including a strange rockabilly mexican whom I've never seen before.
I like how Wes's steadily expanding wardrobe is starting to include a lot of dope soccer jerseys, kinda like Husalah's current look. Also,  the audio from crazy video is incorporated into the clip, which is hella funny:


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  1. yeeeah bruh. YUNG DIESEL $QUAD.
    Guap till you drop.

  2. Waitin' on the Nyqueezy X Palace collabo video.

  3. new vintage throwback rosa, rugsweep's first update in years::