Friday, May 3, 2013


....... Hey there guys!!! You may be wondering what I've been doing for the past 2 and half months or so, since obviously that didn't include being a responsible citizen aka dynamic web content creator by at least attempting to UPDATE MY FUCKING BLOG....
 Well, I just have been doing that real gutter adult shit I guess, like learning firearm terminology in my english/spanish court interpreter class:

...Or like, just working a bunch and being super TREAL at that scrabble, Bruh:
 Y'all should feel free to play me, my username is nyquil707 on that Words With Friends, u feel me...
Besides that, hmmm, I guess I'm just lazy. A lot of my free time has been spent watching these gotdamn screaming frog videos on Youtube. Man, I seriously can't get enough of this!

In other video news, my main dude Wes"Wisin"Allen  has blessed us with a new skate clip, featuring footage mostly filmed up in Santa Rosa, but some other locations such as Oakland are featured too. Just what these streets been waiting for, I present to you "Young Diesel Boys Volume 2: Adventures with the Gouda Gang"
  Young Diesel Boys Volume 2 from Thomas Allen on Vimeo.
Adventures with the Gouda Gang...Streets been waiting
Pretty good lil vid right here. Funny shit, some real trickery, and a good music selection. Take note of Wes's switch alley-oop 180 up a curb with one of the dopest soccer jerseys I've ever seen, and also the use of Bobby Brackin's "Jon and Kate" song in a skate video, which I'm pretty sure might be THE BEST SONG EVER BROH

In music news, I mean fuck, Gucci Mane had his first appearance on the big screen as the bad guy in "Spring Breakers", which I went to see and suggest everybody else do as well. However, not so sure about Gucci's plan to start making his own movies:
"My plan is to drop three of my own films, that I produce, under my own company, Brick Squad Films, this year. It's going to be a big year for me in film. I guess the filmography of Gucci Mane has just begun."  I mean, he at the very least should learn to keep a movie trailer down to 2 minutes or less, not a 5 minutes 29 seconds long one for his "The Spot" movie, which essentially summarizes the movie for us so that we don't have to bear watching the whole thing.
Mr Mane has also been acting a donkey lately and getting his ass into some trouble by, er,  hitting a US soldier on the head with a champagne bottle in a nightclub. But, he's blessed us with like 3 or 4 mixtapes in the last couple months, so I guess it sort of evens things out, for me at least.

Before I let chall go, check out this pretty good new Future mixtape, "Black Woodstock", which features this banger of a track among others. The cover is kinda cray though:
...not to mention this other hilarious cover I found.....

Rocko has me bobbing my head to this track all the time, and Nemanja from Fusils A Pompe (an excellent French blog about mostly American rap music) made this tight Mitchy Slick mix:


I go to work, see chall later!