Wednesday, February 20, 2013

few good ones

My homie Alex out in Newark, NJ made a pretty cool mix recently. It's co-branded with his website and this here blog, which I guess is known as a "collabo" in the streetwear market.

 It has some of my favorite tracks as of recent and some of his. It's a very listenable mix coming in at less than 30 minutes, so check it out (right click and save-as).

Mr. Brad Staba, a semi-frequent customer at my work and all around funny/crazy person, turned me on to a podcast he did at a Red Light Radio in Amsterdam. Turns out, much to my surprise, that he's a rap nerd too! Lots of good stuff here; Future, Cellski, Young Scooter and many more appear on this hour and a half banger of a podcast.

Lastly, if you're into hearing Too Short talk in depth about his career in a more-than-comfortable setting for longer than an hour, then listen to the new Champs podcast. You can suscribe on itunes as well.  If you don't listen to the Champs already, I suggest you do, as they're really fucking funny. Right-click and save-as for the Too $hort 'cast...


  1. Rhinestone Cobrawag tall tees comin' soon y'all!

  2. feelin that too $hort interview so much.

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