Wednesday, February 20, 2013

few good ones

My homie Alex out in Newark, NJ made a pretty cool mix recently. It's co-branded with his website and this here blog, which I guess is known as a "collabo" in the streetwear market.

 It has some of my favorite tracks as of recent and some of his. It's a very listenable mix coming in at less than 30 minutes, so check it out (right click and save-as).

Mr. Brad Staba, a semi-frequent customer at my work and all around funny/crazy person, turned me on to a podcast he did at a Red Light Radio in Amsterdam. Turns out, much to my surprise, that he's a rap nerd too! Lots of good stuff here; Future, Cellski, Young Scooter and many more appear on this hour and a half banger of a podcast.

Lastly, if you're into hearing Too Short talk in depth about his career in a more-than-comfortable setting for longer than an hour, then listen to the new Champs podcast. You can suscribe on itunes as well.  If you don't listen to the Champs already, I suggest you do, as they're really fucking funny. Right-click and save-as for the Too $hort 'cast...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ratchet Hags

REAL evidence of Bay Area Hip Hop's influence on the mainstream!!! I wonder if the writer/s for Spongebob Squarepants listen to BAY RAP.
Speaking of ratchet underwater hags, do you guys know about the beautiful and gracious ocean creature know as the Hagfish?

These fuckers excrete slime in their enemies faces to create a disgusting and confusing wall of nastiness that can clog up a hungry fish's gills, and then they make their getaway.

At about 4:15 you can really see 'em in action, although the whole video is great. I hope I made you folk's day by alerting ch'all to the existence of this elegant and mermaid-like creature.
Before I leave lemme show you this tight slap n' video that I saw on Joe's website.