Saturday, January 5, 2013

Youtube fun #2

Sup folks, Nyquil the Time Lord here. Hope ya'll are doing well. I've just been hanging out mostly and trying not to be seen:

 Found a Mac Dre song I'd never heard before the other day, which is actually pretty weird becuase I spent all my free time in college listening to what I thought was his entire discography on my "social introvert" headphones.

Awesome art to go with it! The comment section on a lot of Bay Area Rap songs on youtube are usually laced with game with all these up-and-coming hustlapreneurs who provide no end in comedic one-liners:
This person has the zen symbol for "no beggining, no end" as their avatar.

sounds a little excessive bro

Karl keeping these marks in check...



Also I did a tiny bit of writing for a 2012 end of year list. Click here.

Later guyz, kiss kiss, love you all

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