Thursday, December 20, 2012 Podcast #2

Thomas came out to my house in North Oakland (Ice City, North Pole, etc, etc...) and had me be a guest on the second installment of his fabulous podcast. While we bullshitted and acted like rap-nerds, we came to the conclusion that we DO NOT share the same tastes in non-rap music. Thomas HATES my weird moody techno shit!! :( :.(
Heres an accurate depiction of me and Thomas nitpicking the qualities of various songs, as well as the other's music taste

Nevertheless, we had a good time and drank a couple of all-American brews and definitely vibed on the rap songs we played. 
Click the silly snake to go to Thomas's website or play it using the red gadget below. If you click the "share" button on the Divshare gadget it gives you the option to download it in MP3 form. Enjoy!

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