Friday, November 30, 2012

quick update while the man ain't watchin

Sup guys, just grinding right now at my high-profile fashion fashion job out in "the city". Gonna make a quick post to update you folks on my all-important and interesting hip-hop lyfestyle, but I gotta be sly,  since my boss is hovering nearby. Sweat drips down my brow (under my ski-mask, of course) as I nervously type this post out. Speaking of my new look, with ski-mask and black clothing (and black gloves,  usually), everybody at work has been giving me weird looks. Where am I living, Nazi Germany or something? Let me express myself! I'm an INDIVIDUAL.....

New slaps: Cousin Fik released a new mixtape which jams IMHO, moreso than the last one I think. Gay-ass Thizzler tells you to buy it, but you can go ahead and steal it right here if you know what you're doing:

 Thomas talks about it on his latest post . Highlights for me include "Pow" and "Show em Wassup", among others. Cousin Fik is definitely one of my favorite current Bay rappers right now. A collaborative Bay Area Rap Album Cover Review coming soon from both of myelf and Big Thomas Hunnid Grand...    
Sidenote: Here's Thomas filming me win a plush toy on Mission Street, SF, from one of those silly claw machines. I won two in a row that night!!!!!

I look pretty dorky eh? Just what you guys thought, though. Not bad!!!!!

Hmmm, what else is interesting lately? I dunno, I found this new Pastor Troy song which is REALLY GOOD:


Here's an interesting letter that was left on the bulletin board at my work:
Trippy, eh? "I should have gotten off with you at Rockridge".... :P

LAter guys... :/



  1. The lives behind the blogz!

    This Pastor Troy joint is nice.

  2. no lifestyle like the bay area blog lifestyle, that's for sure.
    you & Thomas should do a rick steves/internets celebrities-style series on bay area hot spots. For ep. 2 you could skateboard down the codornices park slide!!

  3. Jesus Jr.
    Winnin' Plushies

    Damn son the updates are comin in hot

  4. Very fine high quality post. So glad you are sticking with your blog goon outfit, despite what others may think.

    I am still impressed by your plushie grabbing abilities and would like to point out that you gave one of your prizes to a group of drunk girls that you gave directions to, like a true upstanding citizen.

    I really hope things work out for Jesus Jr. "Jesse" and his ex.