Thursday, November 1, 2012

"10 shot" Bavgate

"It's 10 shot Bavgate... I made it!!

I live right next to this neighborhood. Bavgate's Metro PCS store isn't there anymore :( . Neither is Geer's market.
I think Bavgate is highly underrated!!!! Really!!

This song is kinda tight

The hook on this song is kinda weird: "play bavgate!" Will you please play Bavagte Mr. Radio Dj? "No, we got 16 songs with Drake so that pretty much takes up all our airtime" :/
When oh when will the bay get to shine? (sad face)

Anyways, back to youtube:

Very interesting art right there. Do you guys like Youtube comments? I sure do:

Oh and youtube comment fights too:

 uh oh..
 Googetta chimes in...


  1. Wow that escalated quickly. Youtube comments can be a dangerous place. Please be safe, internet.