Friday, November 30, 2012

quick update while the man ain't watchin

Sup guys, just grinding right now at my high-profile fashion fashion job out in "the city". Gonna make a quick post to update you folks on my all-important and interesting hip-hop lyfestyle, but I gotta be sly,  since my boss is hovering nearby. Sweat drips down my brow (under my ski-mask, of course) as I nervously type this post out. Speaking of my new look, with ski-mask and black clothing (and black gloves,  usually), everybody at work has been giving me weird looks. Where am I living, Nazi Germany or something? Let me express myself! I'm an INDIVIDUAL.....

New slaps: Cousin Fik released a new mixtape which jams IMHO, moreso than the last one I think. Gay-ass Thizzler tells you to buy it, but you can go ahead and steal it right here if you know what you're doing:

 Thomas talks about it on his latest post . Highlights for me include "Pow" and "Show em Wassup", among others. Cousin Fik is definitely one of my favorite current Bay rappers right now. A collaborative Bay Area Rap Album Cover Review coming soon from both of myelf and Big Thomas Hunnid Grand...    
Sidenote: Here's Thomas filming me win a plush toy on Mission Street, SF, from one of those silly claw machines. I won two in a row that night!!!!!

I look pretty dorky eh? Just what you guys thought, though. Not bad!!!!!

Hmmm, what else is interesting lately? I dunno, I found this new Pastor Troy song which is REALLY GOOD:


Here's an interesting letter that was left on the bulletin board at my work:
Trippy, eh? "I should have gotten off with you at Rockridge".... :P

LAter guys... :/


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interesting New Post

Yo guys, Nyquil here on my laptop again

Do you guys like Young Scooter? I've only listened to a couple tracks, mostly on that Trap God mixtape by the Gooch. He seems aight. I like this song by him:

Really good beat by Zaytoven right there. And even better acting in the music video!!
Yeah, yeah, I know I post a lot about the ol' Gucci Mane, but I can never get enough of the dude (pause). Here's a picture of what I imagine you look like arriving at my website and being super bummed on more Gucci related content:


But then the Gooch was like "Mwahhh..." :

 Let me soothe your ears with this kool soundboard I found via Floyd Sanchez:
Take the soundboard and put it to your ear while continually pressing the "Noooo" adlib, kinda like this pretty lady:
In other non rap-related news, I've been messing with some pretty tight electronic style music lately. Here's a really good mix from Fact Mag: Fact Mag Mix 356: I Cube  Right click and "save file as" to get the mp3. Or click this link here: FACT MAG BROH
I hadn't heard of I Cube before, but this mix slaps.

Other cool weird electronic shit to check out:
Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never's collaborative album, "Instrumental Tourist". Stream the whole thing on NPR, yo:

Alright, I'm outta here. It's my only day off and I'm "supposed to do errands". Here's a picture of a very swagged out dude to keep you going through the day:

 lAtEr, GuYz :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

"10 shot" Bavgate

"It's 10 shot Bavgate... I made it!!

I live right next to this neighborhood. Bavgate's Metro PCS store isn't there anymore :( . Neither is Geer's market.
I think Bavgate is highly underrated!!!! Really!!

This song is kinda tight

The hook on this song is kinda weird: "play bavgate!" Will you please play Bavagte Mr. Radio Dj? "No, we got 16 songs with Drake so that pretty much takes up all our airtime" :/
When oh when will the bay get to shine? (sad face)

Anyways, back to youtube:

Very interesting art right there. Do you guys like Youtube comments? I sure do:

Oh and youtube comment fights too:

 uh oh..
 Googetta chimes in...