Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shouts Out To Real Rap Fans!! :P

In anticipation for his new mixtape, Trap God (which comes out in like, 3 hours), Mr Gucci Mane dropped a new video today with Future in it (I still am not a huge fan of Future, but he got a couple jams I guess).

Very Regal, very majestic!
He also released a Young Jeezy diss video/song a week or so ago that provided me with this screenshot (found here):
 I kinda-sorta-wanna get the above lil' gold-grilled package of tattooed epic-ness tattooed on like, my thigh or some shit, you guys...
Andrew Noz of Cocaine Blunts/TumblinErb (and writer for music magazines when they need a serious rap guy) recently updated his chronology of Young Jeezy vs Gucci Mane rap/diss songs (rap-song disses? diss-raps? diss-songs? just "disses"?....) , in case you're interested (you should be). It's available here.
Mr Noz also has a column on and he wrote a very well researched, not to mention very well written, article about the current state of the record industry and/or internet as far as album sales and the potential success of a rap artist in this day and age...or something. Read it if you are an "actual rap fan" as he describes them (such as me LOL), a term which I enjoy. Here it is:

In other news, friend of the Cobraswag and collaborator Thomas sent me this song he found while searching google today:

It has the odd combination of Lil B, Yung L, B-luv, and some dude named Yung F whom I've never heard of. I enjoy both Lil B and B-Luv. If you haven't checked out Db tha General and B-Luv's album "Tweaker Muzik" yet, do so! It's really good, one of the best rap albums of 2012 so far.
Aight, I gotta go to work, wearing my Swisha House tall T, of course. ACTUAL RAP FAN RIGHT HERE,  BROS/BRAHS...

Edit: Forgot to mention that B-Luv was half of the duo (himself and one "Justin Lomax") that filmed Treal Tv 1 and 2. I accompanied Thomas a couple weeks ago on a trip to Vallejo where we had the opportunity to interview Mr. B-Luv. We hung out with him on the Vallejo waterfront, location of the cover shoot for The Click's "Down and Dirty".  Here's the interview transcribed:
 Props to Thomas and B-Luv for making this happen.
Fun Fact(s): Treal Tv 1 and 2 were filmed using a VX1000 (for all you skate nerds). And, supposedly, B-Luv is "co-creator of the thizzle dance"!!!
Aight I think I'm done now.
- nyqueezy


  1. I cosign this.

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    This post goes. Nothing but gas. fitting to go read that interview now. I think I'm a faux-real-rap fan somehow.


  3. Two posts in one week?!?! Things must be getting pretty crazy at Cobraswag headquarters.