Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's hard being a computer-savvy, hyper-intelligent, ADHD suffering Gen Y blogger, you guys.  I mean sometimes you're just SOOOO uninspired for long stretches of time and it's so frustrating!!
J/k I don't care. Hope you guys missed me, I've been up to hella important and/or baller shit.
Here's a lil treat post of a bunch of pictures I took in the last few months with my phone and some other funny shit from the never-ending black hole that is the internet.
 "laser-eyed shawtys"

I dunno what they really are saying here, but I like it and I think I agree?!

 This is Sean. Hey there bud.
 Nice peppermint themed whip right there
 My neighborhood, although still kinda considered part of the Temescal district in Oakland (aka very white and hipstery), is just a lil bit more ratchet.
 I LOVE this person's last name.
 Dogs have to put up with their owners "modding" their ears and then wearing a fucking transistor headset/"bandage" thing for the next 2 months
 My roommate's dog, Uma Thurman
 I found a snake at night in Walnut Creek
 My cousin John makes some dank-ass ribs. He and his wife live in Pacheco, California. The word "pacheco" means stoned/zooted in Mexican slang :p
 Interesting styles that these vietnamese performers be sporting
 cool dog

 Sorry, bro :( On the other hand, Opossums need to learn how to run fast and get the fuck out of the way of cars
 Throwback sticker from my homie Saif's skateboard company

 Portrait of a young white rapper, in bloom straight out the womb, cuddie
 Weird that this dude is coming back to Oakland again so soon
 This raccoon by my house poked a hole in a Starbucks bag and started scooping pastry crumbs out of it and str8 grubbing. Wasn't scared of me at all. Reminds me of this song.
 man down

  Marcus throws up the Acorn Projects hand sign
 Faceswap with me and luis

 Remember when Mike Dean's twitter account got hacked? I do. All comedy aside though, the guys is and amazing producer and engineer. Check out some of the Scarface albums he produced, top not shit!
 I'd like to thank the person who made this for creating one of the funniest things on the internet
 the 5 star stunna himself

This shirt you guys!!
 come here, daddy

These last two images courtesy of

this one seriously cracks me up everytime
also of interest: "my fork, my fork"

Those last 5 pics are from my boy Alex. Check out his mixes, they're dope.
Alright you guys, see you later


  1. WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME. Missed your posts (nohomo). Hilarious stuff bro.

  2. Pourin' out some snapple and moe' for the dead possum.