Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rap's strangest collaboration

Sup bros n bras? I'm just relaxing here on a sunny saturday watching all this money glide in. It's a good feeling, you know? Anyways, I got to thinking today about two of my favorite artists, Joni Mitchell and Mac Dre. Did you know they collaborated on a song once back in the day? It was on the Cutthoat Committee album "Money iz Motive"(sic). They gave Joni the hook!

Dubee, PSD and Mac Mall have verses on the song as well.
"Mac Dre is so cute (giggles), I'm so glad I got to do a song with him!"
"Fasho Girl, anything for my main b*tch Joni Mitch"

Naw but forreal, isn't it weird that they sampled Joni Mitchell's "Blue", from her album of the same title, for a very upbeat and thugged out rap song? I think it's bizarre and great. Anyone happen to know who produced the song?

Here's the original:

Too bad Joni will never actually collaborate with rappers in real life. Imagine her gorgeous and versatile female voice singing the hook on those "get money songs"!! I think that would be amazing.
Here's another of my favorites of hers:

Shouts out to my stepmother Linda for getting me into Ms. Mitchell.
As a bonus you guys get a pic of a SWAGGED THE FUCK OUT Joni (queen of swag????):
Nice Hat!!

Oh and heres a drawing I made at work a couple years ago. I'm the next Picasso


  1. I never knew what that sample was from. What an informative post!
    There are a bunch of other rappers who have beatjacked that song over the years including a shitload of KC rappers and Husalah I think?

  2. Hey I id not know you liked Joni Mitchell, she is now one of my favs. I cannot believe you are on Instagram cuz those are the coolest posts on facebook. I am moving to Wisconsin in a couple of months, may need to call you often once I work and live at snowboarding resort. It is going to be wild.