Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A gentleman's wardrobe

Do you you guys own any silly Rap-related shirts? Do you like to walk around looking like a crazy wigger sometimes? I was looking through my slew of T-shirts the other day and I realized I had more than a few that I'd like to share with you, my lovely internet audience.

This shirt is like 3XL at least, courtesy of the homie Wes "Wisin" Allen. It comes down to my knees. I haven't worn this one in Oakland yet, not sure if its a good idea... Oh, on a side note, here's his Powerpoint presentation he made about Max B for speech class at Santa Rosa Junior College (major lol): MAX B THE WAVY ONE

Shouts out to Trevor Murphy (upper left with the front board) for giving me this one. Also a tall tee. Actually, most of my rap tees are talls I guess, which radically increases goofiness factor, but fuggit you gotta wear that shit with Bay pride. Notice in Mac Dreezy's hair it says "hyphy" in a strange kind of handwriting. 

UGGGHHHH check this one out!!
Here's a close-up so you can see that it says Kush St and you can scope those bedazzles on the MAC DRE letters. SO bossy wid it. Shouts out to Joseph of Perfection Is Perfected for this one. F/with him on twitter: @joezuph

Not rap related, but this is self explanatory. This shirt may be the best thing I own.

This a Young Jeezy "snowman" tee knockoff. Jack Graydon gave me this one, thanks bruh...

Jack gave me this one too. R.I.P. Tookie Williams...

I bought this shirt primarily because of these videos.
Can you see all the real diamond and platinum!!??!!??
And finally, the best rap shirt. I actually sport this (no homo).
I'm just livin that bay life, you feel me?

yEeEeE!! See you madafakus later!

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  1. I am currently swimming in a sea of envy from your impressive wardrobe. Nothing says successful and stylish like a vintage Young Jeezy shirt.