Monday, April 30, 2012

'Sup guys? Dj Nyquil here with a new sLaMmIn pArTy mIx for your asses! It's called prolific moves. It's a mix manufactured for the act of "getting your cheese up", ok? Cool. The cover art and tracklisting are below

C-Bo: America's Nightmare
Cut Copy - Far Away
Cellski - Pimp Game ft. Big Bread
Route 94 - Window
Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams
New Order - Vicious Streak
E-40 - It's Curtains ft. Kaveo and Droop-E
Alley Boy - Cops On The Block
Blu Jemz - Darkest Night
Cousin Fik - Show 'Em Wassup ft. Shady Nate and B-Legit
Audion - Mouth to Mouth
Kool Keith - Extravagant Traveller 

MAJOR shoutout to my boy Alex for the cover art! Thx Broh...


  1. been listening to these mixes while doing my new clerical/accounting job for a few hours each day at work....will slump this tomorrow

    stay big breaded


  2. I didn't know you liked New Order. My old lady digs that gay shit too!

  3. It's a skateboard thing.

    Excuse me, a gay skaterboi thing.

  4. Banging.

    Even I can't front on Cops On The Block and I generally find Alley Boy boring.

  5. Not enough Heems up in it though...