Tuesday, March 13, 2012


oh cool looks like i UPDATED MY BLOG FOR ONCE
This ones my jam. I wish tHe BaSeD gOd would just do funny, negative music like the latter track, but I guess that would be alienating most of his fanbase who love the #based and #positive stuff.
Been working with this little fucker the past few days:

Thats Fanny the guatemalan lizard dog.
Dream Whip. Candy paint, mustard and mayonnaise, allat...someday...
Messy Marv's section at Rasputin's. He has the most records in the Rap section, more than even Mac Dre. I'm suprised Rasputin's actually bought all these. Is he a big seller or something? He releases a lot of sub-par material! LOL
Don't forget to check out his tumblr so you can laugh at how he butchers "peace of mind". http://theboyboyyoungmess.tumblr.com/ OKAAAYYYY

S/O to Rage:
Later guys. I'll leave you with a classic latin ballad


  1. Word, Brother. This is from the recent past. Have not seen you in a minute. Hit me up on Twitter??

  2. Brujeria!?! Fuck yeah.

    I think Messy Marv probably just gave away a lot of his records to local shops when he realized he printed way too many or music stores are dumb enough to buy his records and all deserve to be going out of business like they are.