Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 siDez oF Da cOiN

BLLLLAAAAAUUUUGGHHHHH!!!! Greetings, folks!!! Welcome back to MY FUCKING sIcK BlOg, soon to be COBRASWAG.COM (don't count on it).
You'll probably like one of these mixes I made. Probably.... If not, you might vomit in disgust like the girl above. Or maybe you'll fall in love with them, like the cUtE CoUpLe! Regardless, you're gonna be ok in the long run.
First I made a mix of angst-ridden, dark, weird, white-people-music.
Black clothing, eyeliner and cigarettes = white people. Also, sick hair!
Here goes mix #1, "dark as night":

To download: http://www.divshare.com/download/16657160-aba
Prurient - Time's Arrow
The Swans - Buried Child
Ed Rush - Skylab
AFX - Mangle 11 (Circuit Bent V.I.P Mix)
Nine Inch Nails - Sin
Armand Van Helden - Little Black Spiders
Helmet - Born Annoying
Carl Cobain - I'm Dead
Melvins & Lustmord - Safety Third
Lustmord - Strange Repeater
Nine Inch Nails - Help Me I Am In Hell

So yeah if you hate that mix, here is a pic of me partying and not giving a fuck:

Naw but I made another mix for you folks that want some non-white-music. This is music to sTaCk GuAp to.

Get some:

DOWNLOAD THAT SHIT: http://www.divshare.com/download/16739088-edc
Kool Keith - Mental Case
Kool Keith - Test Press
Killa Klan Kaze - Be A Witness
UGK ft Smitty - Belts to Match
C-Bo - Enemy of the State
Gangsta Black ft. Terror - Scared of Me
Raekwon ft JD Era - Just a Toast
Nacho Picasso - Naked Lunch
Three Six Mafia - Funkytown
The Pack - Angel Dust
Boss Hogg Outlawz - Murder
Fat Trel - Trappin' Like A Fool
AP-9 - The Grinch
Pastor Troy - Police Can't Break It Up
E-40 - Back In Business
Dotrix 4000 - The Poster Boy
Mitchy Slick - Steady Hit

I hope you guys enjoy yourselves while listening to this music. I'm just here to attempt to make you happy :(


  1. grumpos likes both a doze slumpin an clappin and bumpin an slappin yafeelmerite?

  2. I'm tempted to disagree with anon here but tbh the only non-rap i listen is also made by black people 9/10 so the fuck do I know.

    Nyquil I'm gonna attempt both

  3. Speaking of which, how great is the Suga Free/Quik Michael Macdonald impersonation?

  4. I just had a chance to listen to these. Super high quality musics all around.
    That Killa Klan Kaze song is so sick, my favorite of the tracks I hadn't heard before. You know I love those AP.9, E-40 and C-Bo songs too.

    Awesome post, keep it up bruh!

  5. Been running your mixes hard kid. Keep em coming.

  6. mixes are coming in hot. but that vomit pic is priceless!