Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Recent Favorites

I haven't updated this blog in a whole month, but I still listen to a shitload of music. Here are some recent favorites:
This beat is amazing!!
Waka Flocka is the best, duh...
I like how Philthy Rich has a dead person hanging out the back of his car and he doesn't even give a fuck. I aspire to be as hardbody some day. "Oh that dude? Yeah, he's dead. I just killed him. Is this going to be a problem for you?".
I still mess with some old Lil Wayne. Back in like '07 all I listened to were those tha drought 3 and Dedication 2 mixtapes for like 2 months straight. I was going to college and absolutely hated it, and I was listening to Lil Wayne before every college student found out about this "Weezy" person. Boy, was I a trendsetter!! Hire me if you'd like to know what's gonna be hot in the upcoming months.
This is a really good song. DB tha General sounds like a truly terrifying person, I would not want beef with him at all. That high pitched voice screaming in my ear would be petrifying!!
And all my real trapstars and thugs know that this is THE SONG. Please play this at my funeral.
Oh I mean along with this song of course, the second best song ever:


  1. Upgrade 'Em 2 = most hardbody song of 2011 not by Gunplay or Brick Squad.

  2. I approve of all these songs except for NIN, they make me think of 90's teenagers with black painted nails.