Thursday, January 19, 2012


Talk bad about my kiddie cuisine and I'LL BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!!

Made a new mix, brahs. It's fucking tight, to say the least. Go me, goddamit...
To download, click right here
1. Ween - Friends (joke song!! LOL)
2. Blur - Boys and Girls
3. Oliver Huntemann feat. Stephen Bodzin - Fieber
4. Soulja Boy and Vinny Chase - Gettin Paid
5. Gucci Mane feat. J Money - Lost My
6. LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change
7. The Tuss (an aphex twin pseudonym) - Alspacka
9. Main Attrakionz - Late Nite Saga Part B
10. David Byrne and Brian Eno - Mea Culpa
11.Lil B - Logged In
12.Murda Mil - Philly Freestyle
13.Ghostface Killah - Cobra Clutch
14. San Quinn & Tuf Luv - Drunk in San Francisco feat. B - Legit
15. Roky Erickson - Burn the Flames
16. Killa Keise (R.I.P.!) and Cellski - Time to Shine


  1. Tight mix, I enjoyed it, but I have a serious quesion; what the fuck is that in between the mac and cheese and corn?!?

  2. that's chocolate frosting with sprinkles. here in the souf we call at 'vegetables'

  3. shit goes but it could have included some riff raff sodmg and the rap music to normal white guy music ratio was a little off. I want maximum like 2 non rap songs in these things. Maybe some el general next time? Also, probably my favorite track out of the whole thing, 'stunna pose' was not mentioned on the track list. Good pick on the Ghostface song and I could even get into the LCD soundsystem one. pretty much gass