Thursday, December 20, 2012 Podcast #2

Thomas came out to my house in North Oakland (Ice City, North Pole, etc, etc...) and had me be a guest on the second installment of his fabulous podcast. While we bullshitted and acted like rap-nerds, we came to the conclusion that we DO NOT share the same tastes in non-rap music. Thomas HATES my weird moody techno shit!! :( :.(
Heres an accurate depiction of me and Thomas nitpicking the qualities of various songs, as well as the other's music taste

Nevertheless, we had a good time and drank a couple of all-American brews and definitely vibed on the rap songs we played. 
Click the silly snake to go to Thomas's website or play it using the red gadget below. If you click the "share" button on the Divshare gadget it gives you the option to download it in MP3 form. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Recent News: The Madafaku Movie

Some footage of recent events in my regal and lavish Bay Area life(style). Skaters featured: Sean Morales, Clay Eisemann, Kenny Owens, Toan Gilmore.
Filmed by Clay and Myself.

In other news, I helped Thomas from 100 Grand On My Wrist, Yeah Life Sucks write about some of our favorite Bay Area rap album covers:  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

Friday, November 30, 2012

quick update while the man ain't watchin

Sup guys, just grinding right now at my high-profile fashion fashion job out in "the city". Gonna make a quick post to update you folks on my all-important and interesting hip-hop lyfestyle, but I gotta be sly,  since my boss is hovering nearby. Sweat drips down my brow (under my ski-mask, of course) as I nervously type this post out. Speaking of my new look, with ski-mask and black clothing (and black gloves,  usually), everybody at work has been giving me weird looks. Where am I living, Nazi Germany or something? Let me express myself! I'm an INDIVIDUAL.....

New slaps: Cousin Fik released a new mixtape which jams IMHO, moreso than the last one I think. Gay-ass Thizzler tells you to buy it, but you can go ahead and steal it right here if you know what you're doing:

 Thomas talks about it on his latest post . Highlights for me include "Pow" and "Show em Wassup", among others. Cousin Fik is definitely one of my favorite current Bay rappers right now. A collaborative Bay Area Rap Album Cover Review coming soon from both of myelf and Big Thomas Hunnid Grand...    
Sidenote: Here's Thomas filming me win a plush toy on Mission Street, SF, from one of those silly claw machines. I won two in a row that night!!!!!

I look pretty dorky eh? Just what you guys thought, though. Not bad!!!!!

Hmmm, what else is interesting lately? I dunno, I found this new Pastor Troy song which is REALLY GOOD:


Here's an interesting letter that was left on the bulletin board at my work:
Trippy, eh? "I should have gotten off with you at Rockridge".... :P

LAter guys... :/


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interesting New Post

Yo guys, Nyquil here on my laptop again

Do you guys like Young Scooter? I've only listened to a couple tracks, mostly on that Trap God mixtape by the Gooch. He seems aight. I like this song by him:

Really good beat by Zaytoven right there. And even better acting in the music video!!
Yeah, yeah, I know I post a lot about the ol' Gucci Mane, but I can never get enough of the dude (pause). Here's a picture of what I imagine you look like arriving at my website and being super bummed on more Gucci related content:


But then the Gooch was like "Mwahhh..." :

 Let me soothe your ears with this kool soundboard I found via Floyd Sanchez:
Take the soundboard and put it to your ear while continually pressing the "Noooo" adlib, kinda like this pretty lady:
In other non rap-related news, I've been messing with some pretty tight electronic style music lately. Here's a really good mix from Fact Mag: Fact Mag Mix 356: I Cube  Right click and "save file as" to get the mp3. Or click this link here: FACT MAG BROH
I hadn't heard of I Cube before, but this mix slaps.

Other cool weird electronic shit to check out:
Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never's collaborative album, "Instrumental Tourist". Stream the whole thing on NPR, yo:

Alright, I'm outta here. It's my only day off and I'm "supposed to do errands". Here's a picture of a very swagged out dude to keep you going through the day:

 lAtEr, GuYz :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

"10 shot" Bavgate

"It's 10 shot Bavgate... I made it!!

I live right next to this neighborhood. Bavgate's Metro PCS store isn't there anymore :( . Neither is Geer's market.
I think Bavgate is highly underrated!!!! Really!!

This song is kinda tight

The hook on this song is kinda weird: "play bavgate!" Will you please play Bavagte Mr. Radio Dj? "No, we got 16 songs with Drake so that pretty much takes up all our airtime" :/
When oh when will the bay get to shine? (sad face)

Anyways, back to youtube:

Very interesting art right there. Do you guys like Youtube comments? I sure do:

Oh and youtube comment fights too:

 uh oh..
 Googetta chimes in...

Friday, October 26, 2012

----/// :P ///---

Hey bros and broads, I lost my phone last saturday night in a gotdamn cab and have been using a fucking banana to my absolute frustration!!! Lol j/k not really, but I finally got a new one today. Text me or send me an email so I can get your num-num because I'm skr8 up startin fresh.
 Or even if I don't know you, it's cool, send me that number via email dawg. We could become real-life friends and not just on the internet! :P

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shouts Out To Real Rap Fans!! :P

In anticipation for his new mixtape, Trap God (which comes out in like, 3 hours), Mr Gucci Mane dropped a new video today with Future in it (I still am not a huge fan of Future, but he got a couple jams I guess).

Very Regal, very majestic!
He also released a Young Jeezy diss video/song a week or so ago that provided me with this screenshot (found here):
 I kinda-sorta-wanna get the above lil' gold-grilled package of tattooed epic-ness tattooed on like, my thigh or some shit, you guys...
Andrew Noz of Cocaine Blunts/TumblinErb (and writer for music magazines when they need a serious rap guy) recently updated his chronology of Young Jeezy vs Gucci Mane rap/diss songs (rap-song disses? diss-raps? diss-songs? just "disses"?....) , in case you're interested (you should be). It's available here.
Mr Noz also has a column on and he wrote a very well researched, not to mention very well written, article about the current state of the record industry and/or internet as far as album sales and the potential success of a rap artist in this day and age...or something. Read it if you are an "actual rap fan" as he describes them (such as me LOL), a term which I enjoy. Here it is:

In other news, friend of the Cobraswag and collaborator Thomas sent me this song he found while searching google today:

It has the odd combination of Lil B, Yung L, B-luv, and some dude named Yung F whom I've never heard of. I enjoy both Lil B and B-Luv. If you haven't checked out Db tha General and B-Luv's album "Tweaker Muzik" yet, do so! It's really good, one of the best rap albums of 2012 so far.
Aight, I gotta go to work, wearing my Swisha House tall T, of course. ACTUAL RAP FAN RIGHT HERE,  BROS/BRAHS...

Edit: Forgot to mention that B-Luv was half of the duo (himself and one "Justin Lomax") that filmed Treal Tv 1 and 2. I accompanied Thomas a couple weeks ago on a trip to Vallejo where we had the opportunity to interview Mr. B-Luv. We hung out with him on the Vallejo waterfront, location of the cover shoot for The Click's "Down and Dirty".  Here's the interview transcribed:
 Props to Thomas and B-Luv for making this happen.
Fun Fact(s): Treal Tv 1 and 2 were filmed using a VX1000 (for all you skate nerds). And, supposedly, B-Luv is "co-creator of the thizzle dance"!!!
Aight I think I'm done now.
- nyqueezy

Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's hard being a computer-savvy, hyper-intelligent, ADHD suffering Gen Y blogger, you guys.  I mean sometimes you're just SOOOO uninspired for long stretches of time and it's so frustrating!!
J/k I don't care. Hope you guys missed me, I've been up to hella important and/or baller shit.
Here's a lil treat post of a bunch of pictures I took in the last few months with my phone and some other funny shit from the never-ending black hole that is the internet.
 "laser-eyed shawtys"

I dunno what they really are saying here, but I like it and I think I agree?!

 This is Sean. Hey there bud.
 Nice peppermint themed whip right there
 My neighborhood, although still kinda considered part of the Temescal district in Oakland (aka very white and hipstery), is just a lil bit more ratchet.
 I LOVE this person's last name.
 Dogs have to put up with their owners "modding" their ears and then wearing a fucking transistor headset/"bandage" thing for the next 2 months
 My roommate's dog, Uma Thurman
 I found a snake at night in Walnut Creek
 My cousin John makes some dank-ass ribs. He and his wife live in Pacheco, California. The word "pacheco" means stoned/zooted in Mexican slang :p
 Interesting styles that these vietnamese performers be sporting
 cool dog

 Sorry, bro :( On the other hand, Opossums need to learn how to run fast and get the fuck out of the way of cars
 Throwback sticker from my homie Saif's skateboard company

 Portrait of a young white rapper, in bloom straight out the womb, cuddie
 Weird that this dude is coming back to Oakland again so soon
 This raccoon by my house poked a hole in a Starbucks bag and started scooping pastry crumbs out of it and str8 grubbing. Wasn't scared of me at all. Reminds me of this song.
 man down

  Marcus throws up the Acorn Projects hand sign
 Faceswap with me and luis

 Remember when Mike Dean's twitter account got hacked? I do. All comedy aside though, the guys is and amazing producer and engineer. Check out some of the Scarface albums he produced, top not shit!
 I'd like to thank the person who made this for creating one of the funniest things on the internet
 the 5 star stunna himself

This shirt you guys!!
 come here, daddy

These last two images courtesy of

this one seriously cracks me up everytime
also of interest: "my fork, my fork"

Those last 5 pics are from my boy Alex. Check out his mixes, they're dope.
Alright you guys, see you later