Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What in the feezy?

Hey have any of you readers ever tried to move? It's rough. I haven't been able to update the ol' blog because I'm currently trying to move to the Eastbay, Oakland to be specific, and I've just been sleeping at friends houses. I will soon relocate to Walnut Creek for a few weeks, but not for longer I hope. Does anyone have a job they'd like to offer me in Oakland/Berkeley? I can't seem to find one. Also, a room in a "chill" house would be great. Just no vegan nazis, crust-punks, or anarchist houses, please. There sure are a shit load of those...
Isaac's halloween costume:

I was a goddamn Juggalo. Nobody knew it was me. Yahhhsssssss.
Also, it has appeared Waka Flocka has opened a children's boutique in north Berkeley. Yes, this is an inside joke if you don't listen to ignorant rap all the time like I do.
Gucci Mane and Waka would like to wish you a very nice day and hopefully you can stop by Grove Street soon!

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  1. Good luck finding a place, finding housing in the Bay is hella hard.
    I'd say come crash with me, but I live in a studio with my gf and I don't think she'd be cool with that.