Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RIP Patrice Oneal

One of my favorite comedians died today, R.I.P...
If you haven't seen his special on Comedy Central, "The Elephant in the Room", I suggest you do, because its very funny. You can probably just watch it in segments on youtube, though:
I found out about his death via twitter, which is my only way of hearing about the news these days (LOL). Are you on twitter? If so, follow me, guys! Yeah! ------------> @nyquildamost
Also in today's news, Juicy J came out with another mixtape. It's called blue dream and lean.
Download it here:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

but why?

Why did Cousin Fik, El Negro and D-Boi decide to come up from the East-bay to Santa Rosa and hang out in that plaza at the start of the Prince Memorial Greenway? There's nothing to do there! They should of have at least gone to the mall...
Found via thizzler.

Also relevant, if you're in the mood to watch more Santa Rosa related ridiculousness:
"gotta get guap with my amigos"
Props to Trevor Murphy for showing me this.
What do you readers think? Is Santa Rosa being properly represented rap-wise in this day and age? Where would you like to see the next Rosa rap video be filmed at? The 440? The ledge spot?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rudeboy Call

It's very important to me that I share this video with you at this time. D-lo and Sleepy D are my favorites right now. I like when Sleepy D points the green laser at the camera, it's spooky!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What in the feezy?

Hey have any of you readers ever tried to move? It's rough. I haven't been able to update the ol' blog because I'm currently trying to move to the Eastbay, Oakland to be specific, and I've just been sleeping at friends houses. I will soon relocate to Walnut Creek for a few weeks, but not for longer I hope. Does anyone have a job they'd like to offer me in Oakland/Berkeley? I can't seem to find one. Also, a room in a "chill" house would be great. Just no vegan nazis, crust-punks, or anarchist houses, please. There sure are a shit load of those...
Isaac's halloween costume:

I was a goddamn Juggalo. Nobody knew it was me. Yahhhsssssss.
Also, it has appeared Waka Flocka has opened a children's boutique in north Berkeley. Yes, this is an inside joke if you don't listen to ignorant rap all the time like I do.
Gucci Mane and Waka would like to wish you a very nice day and hopefully you can stop by Grove Street soon!