Thursday, October 27, 2011

Really Doe

Been looking for rooms in Oakland. Went over there today from my beloved Santa Rosa and met up with some folks from craigslist. Spent the whole day there scoping places to live. While I was there, I took some pics for you, the reader!!
See now, this is some genius graffiti. It says "RAP MUSIC". My favorite piece of graffiti ever!!!!
Look at these trippy glass beads and the rainbow effect they make in the sun brah!! #wetrippymane
UGGGGHHHH that peppermint scraper!!!!!! Dude that lived here had 3 other "sick ass whips" parked in front of his house. Notice the one in front. Is that a clean-ass-blacked-out Acura or some shit? I don't know shit about cars. Also, I wish I owned this car.

Oh man and I've gotta give a shoutout to mah dude Darren Lutter (and Christian the filmer) for this video right here:
Downtown Santa Rosa... Yes! I feel that!

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