Thursday, October 20, 2011

Duckin' it up

"total savage!!"
Mah dude Lionel went duck huntin' up in deep Nor Cal, close to the Oregon Border...
"ducks on deck"

He brought some birds home. Duck jerky and grilled duck is what we consumed. Best shit I ever ate!

"birds in the kitchen"

One of my fave rappers, C-bo, has a song called "birds in the kitchen" as well:

"kickin up more dust than a Zulu tribe with spears"

Bonus cobraswag exclusive photo:


  1. C-Bo needs to sue McDonalds for some of that real paper.

  2. Ducks on Ducks on Ducks?

  3. "Young Goudaboi AKA Nyquil" LOL, love the new name bro.
    Your friend is a sav and C-Bo is one of my favorite rappers too.