Monday, September 5, 2011

Mix #3: Riot Gear

Insert E-40's "eeuugghhhh" sound here, or perhaps Mac Dre's signature Thizz-era adlib of the same family.
Anyways, I made another mix. This one has mostly Bay Area rap (not all of it though), much of it of the east-bay variety if I recall. There's also some weird industrial and gothy type stuff thrown in there for good measure.
Track list:
1.PSD - Menage Tics
2.E-40 - On That Vodka feat. Goldie Gold (weird house remix)
3.Master P - Yappin feat Young Buck
4.Sleepy D - Murderers
5.Prurient - Bermuda Drain
6.Smoke Dza and Asap Rocky - 4loko
7.The Jacka and Husalah - Sick and Deranged
8.The Jacka - Sicilian Breeze/M.I.A.
9.The Jacka and Husalah - Zestways (Hop Mix)
10.Keak Da Sneak - Maxi Pads
11.Lil B - Show Me Sum
12.Sleepy D - The Ghetto Dark Vader
13.Webbie - What's Happenin'
14.Keak da Sneak and Mac Dre - Sizzlin'
15.Duna feat Mac Dre and Tae - Pimp, Rapper and a C.E.O.
16.Beeda Weeda - Baserock Babies
17.Big Black - Kerosene
18.Swans - Children of God
19.Swans - Song for Dead Time
20.Dmx - Dogs For Life (chopped and screwed by Michael Watts)
21.Lil B - BasedGod
22.Danny Brown - Pac Blood

Oh and shout-outs to Thomas from and Donal from They know a lot about rap music...


  1. Ha thanks but in fairness by internet standards I don't know much at all.

    This goes hard, good work man dunno why more more people don't use Sicilian Breeze. That Duna song is class, I've been looking for his album all over the place to no luck.

  2. 13.Webbie - What's Happenin'

    ^^ My man.

    It's all love for Kerosene and pretty much anything by Big Black, but I may have to skip the 2 Swans songs when I get to them.

  3. Haha yeah the swans can be a little too artsy/faggy/morbid

  4. Nice mix, I am going to download this and listen to it now.
    P.S. I just added you to my blog list and we are now internet friends.