Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Just some photos n stuff:
The candidate for mayor in San Francisco is clearly up to date with his Bay Area slang! Say yee to Yee in 2012!!!
Found this on Amazon. This is for changing little baby boy's diapers. You cover up their penis with this little cone here so that they won't piss in your face as you're changing their drawers. Available in camo, airplanes, blue camo, cars, camping, and many other colors!!!
Yeah. This photo courtesy of Alexander Richardson.
I mean all I need to find out about a woman is whether she has a bangin' voluptuous body, right? Who cares about the stupid face.
Darren Lutter, pole-jam to 50-50 (in MY raiders jersey)
Here's another one of the same trick.
He also got a pole-jam to lipslide. Crazy...
Looking good, bro..!

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