Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Second Portland trip of the summer

Hey guess what?!!!!! My roommate and homiest of homeboys Wes Allen (or "Brittle Bone" when he's rapping) went to Portland. Luckily he wasn't plagued with a streak of rainy weather as I was when I went up there mid July, so he got a bunch of footage. Madafaku took the train up there, which is the scenic route. You'll notice they hung out with a close-to-three-hunnid-pounder juggalette on the way there...
I thoroughly enjoy this; lots of "hijinks" and fun skateboarding. Check the bum at the end who just says one word ("hnnng", "hnnng", "hnnng"), over-and-over near the end of the clippy...

Mystery Train to Portland from Thomas Allen on Vimeo.

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