Thursday, July 28, 2011

Portland trip

Me and Peter went up to Portland to kick it with Jack and Isaac who just moved up there and have a place. It was raining a good amount but nevertheless we managed to film some stuff. Shouts out to Isaac and Jack for being good hosts and showing us a good time up there!!
I usually hate taking photos while I'm traveling, so I only took approximately 4 photos while in Portland:
The "steampunk" section at Powell's. Powell's Books is the biggest bookstore on the West Coast. It's huge. It's at least 5 stories high, and there's another Powell's annex across the street that just sells the technical books such as math and science.
The legendary but yet still underground rapper C-Bo (personal favorite) was actually performing in Portland on the 22nd of July. I left on the 20th, so I missed it... I imagine that these days, C-Bo's performances are few and far between (or nearly nonexistent) and always in small clubs.
Here's that bump over sidewalk and grass that Mike Anderson straight no-complys over in a recent Krooked ad.
This is their dark apartment. I think they highly dislike it, although they signed a 9 month lease.
Thats it for the photos, but I made a lil' video too. Music is "money by the ton" by rapper C-Bo.


  1. the best part was when you fell down.

  2. you mean,peter and i?..... haha jk cool vid!

  3. Sean jumping on the "up" bandwagon. Whats next, bro? Over-the-top?