Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lord of the Slaps

A new podcast for the summer:

To download: http://www.divshare.com/download/15195848-cb9

1. Mania Music Group - Blown Out
2. Waka Flocka Flame - Hi Jackin Planes
3. Shady Nate - Real Nigga Recipe
4. D-Lo - No Squares Allowed
5. Dru Down - Choppin' It Up
6. E-40 - M.O.B.
7. David Cross - If You Care
8. Diplo - On A Boat In London (beat made for Lil B)
9. Lil B - Please Respect the Bitch
10. Lil B - Finna Hit A Lick (chopped and screwed by Mister A OK)
11. Clams Casino - Brainwash by London
12. Main Attraktionz - Illest Alive (beat by Clams Casino)
13. Deezy D - Dem Wan (beat by Clams Casino)
14. Travis Porter - White Boy Black Boy
15. Byrdgang - Bury Me In My Guccis
16. Afx - Love 7
17. oOoOO - Hearts
18. Mac Dre - Off Tha Rictor
19. Prodigy - Hidden Track (from "since the 80's)
20. Floetry - Just Say Yes (chopped and screwed)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lazy Dayz

New clip for the first days of summerish weather.
Oh and its Peter Senecka, not Seneca, once again...

Lazy dayz from Galen Kennedy on Vimeo.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Made it to the Health and Harmony festival last Saturday. Got in free with a little illegal help from friends. Here I am with cannabis girl or whatever. Wore my Anal Cunt shirt because I figured it was the most irie thing I owned. Later that night, the singer of the band died of a heart attack. R.i.p. Seth Putnam. I think he was probably tired of living anyways, though. Dead at 43 years old...


Mexican mix cd producers/piraters are always quick to get up on what's hot. Osama gets homage on this fiyah summer mix. Spotted at the sebastopol rd. taco truck.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Devil's Music

I found out about this one man music project called No Gang Colors the other day while listening to my new favorite rap-related podcast, Stay Hatin. It's basically various mixes/compilations of metal and rap that have been chopped-n-screwed, or in the words of Joseph Ohegyi (the creator of No Gang Colors and various other projects), "dragged and chopped". I love this shit because it sounds absolutely morbid, but in a "beautiful" sort of way. I guess that sounds pretty damn gay but that's okay because I'm nerding out pretty hard right now. This music sounds highly seductive; I imagine this is the sort of music that the devil makes, like music that might come from fucking hell, like OMG breh, totally darker and crazier than black metal, dude...
Anyways check out this mix called 666 mixes for cash (the cover is at the top of this post), an album that's title is a play on Aphex Twin's 26 mixes for cash, which is also worth checking out.
The song Money Weed Blow is what sold me, with a verse from Project Pat as the "driving force" of the song. This is kinda what they call "mash-up" music, with a bunch of different songs craftfully mixed together. That original verse came from some mixtape of mostly Juicy J (one half of modern day Three 6 Mafia) and French Montana, whom I believe collaborated together to make 2 or three mixtapes altogether. Project Pat always has the best guest verses on most songs he's featured on, though.
Also, if you got the got damn time, check out "Hellawayne II: Dragged and Chopped" as well. Just the Waka Flocka song that comes on first, "Uh Huh", is what makes the album. "I got three jobs: stunt, stunt, stunt, stunt" It's also got a chopped and screwed version of Project Pat's "Red Rum", which is excellent. Project Pat is pretty much the best rapper ever, though.
If you haven't heard it yet, listen to Famlay and Project Pat's collaboration, "Money Makin Trick", too. It's tight!!!!! Best song to come out this year, maybe???????? Who cares!!!