Sunday, May 29, 2011

'Sho did graduate!

The homie Ryan, AKA Vanilla Ice Cream, or Bobo Mane, got himself a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree after years of hard work. He added it up, and figured out he'd been in school more than 23 years; pretty much the same goes for myself. SSU is also my alma mater, and is a wretched school that I don't recommend going to, but thats just my opinion. Actually, its not that bad, and I recommend getting a college degree, but I don't recommend going to school. That shit sucks!

Anyways, there was a BFA art show at the SSU art department that he was in. His art is pretty cool. Check it:

This is first of his big installments. He had two of them.

A Close-up

Ryan is an ice cream man...

A trap-house, kinda like the ones Gucci Mane, or other notorious trapstars, sing/rap about.

Much of Ryan's recent work is ice cream themed.

He also likes basketball quite a bit. This is his second installment from the show.

His face is featured many in his paintings, which I think is pretty funny and cool.

A referee!

High-top kicks.

Here is a shitty photo I took of Ryan (on the right) and his friend Wiley (on the left). Both are longtime homies that grew up in Healdsburg, California.

Besides Ryan's stuff there was some other cool art at the show. The two pieces that stood out to me the most were these giant woodcuts. This one was called "hella kitties"...

They were made by a Mexican guy from Morelia whose name I cannot remember. But look how cool that lowrider is. It's jumping! And those fools are just straight posted up.

Hey, and if you sit in it, it falls over!!

Mac Dre sighting on campus. Tomorrow is Memorials day. RIP all our fallen souljahs such as Mac Dre here, Tupac, Biggie, Soulja Slim, M Bone (of "teach me how to dougie" fame), Woody, Easy-E, Pimp C, and errybody else I can't remember. Thizz in peace!

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