Friday, March 25, 2011

Swag Dag Diggy

Oh hey Madafakus!!???!!!!
I actually like the below video:

I think I might need to go to swag school! Whats really interesting here, though, is the fact that Jamaican dancehall culture resembles American hip-hop culture in the way they dress, and it the resemblance seems to increase more and more by the hour.

WHICH reminds me of other key youtube videos that'll give you a chuckle:

Kind of stupid, but not too many people put that much effort into making a rap video using old disney movies, I guess...

Here's some photos I snapped when I went to Isaac Kenyon's birthday party a couple weeks ago. I was fascinated by his collection of old rap tapes.
Some of the logos on the cassettes themselves are so cool that I think they'd make some pretty good tattoos:
Like the No Limit tank!!! So cool...
The Sick Wid It Records hog-eating-a-bunch-of-money is super dope as well.
E-40's "hall of game", an underrated album in my opinion...
Mac Dre's "rompalation". Yeah, its backwards...
The Pabst Blue Ribbon griptape job, a mandatory-type thing at Isaac's house...
Kevin was drinking a vodka shooter and a Capri Sun as chaser. "Using whats available" is what he described it as.
And finally, Isaac's dog, little Lola. This animal was scared shitless because all these goddamn rowdy people were invading her home. Needless to say she spent most of her time shut-up in the bedroom.

For extra fun I'm going to include a couple "OMG random LOL" type photos to end this post. Who do you think this person flipping us off is? I'll give you something if you can guess:
And then guess who the kid in the middle is too, in the below photo:


  1. Yo, I like the rap sociology vibe you got goin'. Is that little wayne?

  2. Yes! You win. You're prize? To be revealed...