Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Rise of Vimeo Accounts

The homie Saif's company, Pleasant Boards, came out with a full length video with parts from the whole team a while back. Like three months ago, or something. But anyways, Whine Country was made possible by the collaboration of Saif and notorious Santa Rosa rude bwoy/filmer/badass Isaac Nielsen. I'd like to say the video is pretty damn good, but it's my friends company and that's what I'm supposed to say... right? Regardless of all that shit, the video is really good, and much of it's rewatchability is due to Isaac's choice editing and all around putting-together of the video. In this day and age, so many potentially good videos with amazing footage are ruined due to shitty, overdone editing that takes away the rawness and the connection between regular skaters (like me or you!) and the skaters being filmed. Oh, and may I mention shitty music as well. Skaters, or film-makers, or a combination of the two, seem to have the worst/corniest("hella gay") taste in music as of late. The worst is that folk revivalist shit. Anyways, see now, the Pleasant video has some decent music in it, with my biggest props in musical choice going to Kevin Belew and Pat Gould for the second song of their part (IT'S MURDA!!!!). But I'll shut the fuck up now. The full video is embedded below:

Whine Country from The Nielsen Ratings on Vimeo.


  1. I was the one who picked Kevin and Pat's second song. Their second song choices weren't working for me so I stepped in and picked for them. I thought that song was kind of funny and worked well with the skating. Kevin heavily resented my using of a Ja Rule song (can't entirely blame him) even thoguh I thought it would be pretty funny. By the time I got word of it the video was printed with maybe a week or so till the premiere and it was out of my hands. Sorry Kevin. Thanks Galen.