Friday, March 25, 2011

Swag Dag Diggy

Oh hey Madafakus!!???!!!!
I actually like the below video:

I think I might need to go to swag school! Whats really interesting here, though, is the fact that Jamaican dancehall culture resembles American hip-hop culture in the way they dress, and it the resemblance seems to increase more and more by the hour.

WHICH reminds me of other key youtube videos that'll give you a chuckle:

Kind of stupid, but not too many people put that much effort into making a rap video using old disney movies, I guess...

Here's some photos I snapped when I went to Isaac Kenyon's birthday party a couple weeks ago. I was fascinated by his collection of old rap tapes.
Some of the logos on the cassettes themselves are so cool that I think they'd make some pretty good tattoos:
Like the No Limit tank!!! So cool...
The Sick Wid It Records hog-eating-a-bunch-of-money is super dope as well.
E-40's "hall of game", an underrated album in my opinion...
Mac Dre's "rompalation". Yeah, its backwards...
The Pabst Blue Ribbon griptape job, a mandatory-type thing at Isaac's house...
Kevin was drinking a vodka shooter and a Capri Sun as chaser. "Using whats available" is what he described it as.
And finally, Isaac's dog, little Lola. This animal was scared shitless because all these goddamn rowdy people were invading her home. Needless to say she spent most of her time shut-up in the bedroom.

For extra fun I'm going to include a couple "OMG random LOL" type photos to end this post. Who do you think this person flipping us off is? I'll give you something if you can guess:
And then guess who the kid in the middle is too, in the below photo:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

food that reminds me of ... music and movies

This one batch of hummus I got at the house is starting to grow strange and multicolored growths of various types.
So I was like "dang, that kinda reminds me of that one Three 6 Mafia song called Rainbow Colors". I'm pretty sure they talk about drinking sizzurp for the whole song. Lil' Flip has a guest verse on it.
Here it be:

"don't forget them Jolly Ranchers!!"
This is what the 3-6 looked like in all their glory:
I especially like Lord Infamous's gillie-suit and baseball bat combo. Always the most avant-garde of the group when it came to style and rapping, at one point in the early 2000's Infamous had a needle-like long piece of metal piercing his nose, much like the natives when they pierce their noses with pieces of bone. This is the only ok picture I could find:
Look at that thing! And check out that bucket cap (currently not so fashionable anymore in hip hop, it seems..)! Lord Infamous looks stoned as all hell right here. He currently owns and runs a record label called Black Rain, and his signature piercing seems to have disappeared for now.

ANYways, continuing with the food theme, I was at some gas station/quickmart type place and I saw this amazing food product:
Hmmm, the "Big Azz" chicken sandwich eh? Reminds me of that one scene from Mike Judge's (creator of Beavis and Butthead) pretty good, pretty funny movie, Idiocracy. Youtube ain't letting me embed the scene to this page this time, so you're gonna have to click on this link:

Thinking about food and cooking reminded me of that Messy Marv (or "the Boy Boy Young Mess" as he prefers to be called now) song, "get yo ass in the kitchen":

"You need some Prada in your life?.... Get yo ass in the kitchen"... I believe he's talking about cooking that raw powder white, AKA cocaine, and cooking it into crack on the stove, using water and baking soda. So I got my ass in the kitchen, took some raw powder (yellowish) white, some butter, some water, some milk, and some noodles, and made myself some macaroni and cheese for dinner. The End.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Rise of Vimeo Accounts

The homie Saif's company, Pleasant Boards, came out with a full length video with parts from the whole team a while back. Like three months ago, or something. But anyways, Whine Country was made possible by the collaboration of Saif and notorious Santa Rosa rude bwoy/filmer/badass Isaac Nielsen. I'd like to say the video is pretty damn good, but it's my friends company and that's what I'm supposed to say... right? Regardless of all that shit, the video is really good, and much of it's rewatchability is due to Isaac's choice editing and all around putting-together of the video. In this day and age, so many potentially good videos with amazing footage are ruined due to shitty, overdone editing that takes away the rawness and the connection between regular skaters (like me or you!) and the skaters being filmed. Oh, and may I mention shitty music as well. Skaters, or film-makers, or a combination of the two, seem to have the worst/corniest("hella gay") taste in music as of late. The worst is that folk revivalist shit. Anyways, see now, the Pleasant video has some decent music in it, with my biggest props in musical choice going to Kevin Belew and Pat Gould for the second song of their part (IT'S MURDA!!!!). But I'll shut the fuck up now. The full video is embedded below:

Whine Country from The Nielsen Ratings on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suited... and booted.

Just had this new tattoo done, hope you like it!
Anyways, got this new clip for y'all folks, filmed in the last few days. Features the infamous "UPT" (the underpass near the mall) and that relatively new bank at Montgomery High School.

Untitled from Galen Kennedy on Vimeo.