Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Went to beautiful and somewhat boring Walnut Creek, California for a few days to visit my mom, who was staying with my aunt and uncle. The whole time I was there I only took two pics:
Mother dearest
There's a whole lot of money in Walnut Creek, so the downtown shopping district has a lot of baller-ass stores such as Williams Sonoma, Bose, Apple, and the Above, Neiman Marcus. It "stays white out later" there, one could say.
The homie Cynthia MacGregor looks like an alien or maybe an O.T. III (level three operating thetan) ... Whats up with middle aged women and the short hair thing? Why do they do that? Not really so much of a good look...
"dad, its all these bitch-ni%#az out there, its them muhfuckas that make me mad tho..."
The homie Isaac doin his blog thang.

Some shit that's been making me laugh lately:

Hmmmm.... u mad?"lol y u mad tho?"

I suggest you watch the whole video...
Infinite varieties of this shit...
I could go on forever...

Y'all seen this yet? Best thing on the internet right now...

Songs I'm currently feeling:

"we all got some ratchet in us"

mad gutter

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  1. that pic of the queer from Glee on the Razor scooter might be the best thing I've seen this week. What character on Glee is your fave? That show is off the chain. AM I RIGHT~?