Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was down in SF for a couple days into the new year. It was raining and gloomy for the most part... Watched a lot of movies.
all on top of the Marin headlands in them bunkers tho...
OMG Trippy art! LOL
Hmmm are those chakras or some shit? How gay...
great photo of Todd here...
OMG the "CITY"!!!!!!!!!
I went camping up in the Marin headlands once. It's nice, but rabbits are swarming everywhere when you try to hike out of there in the morning fog. Kinda like something out of the X-files, breh.
It was Alex's birthday on the 30th, which I didn't realize until I got there. Embarrassed and stressed about coming to his house empty handed, I frantically searched for a suitable gift soon after I arrived. I found the perfect thing: what better than some art I found on somebody's doorstep?! However, we didn't have mutual feelings on the value of this piece (I thought it was good enough that he could at least cover up the pictures of Lil Wayne and Kanye on his wall with it) and he promptly threw it away. Well, shucks, atleast I didn't bring him the other paintings that said "don't ask why" and "I wish I didn't feel pain". Word? Me too!
Hey! Two of the worst companies in skateboarding side by side in the latest issue of Thrasher. It's almost like a mirror image!! Shake Junt fool! G-code! For the homies! And more corny shit like that!!!!!!!!

For new years eve we went to some Irish bars on Geary street. Lots of weird Irish thug types up in those places, much like Fergie the Florist:
RIP Pete Postlethwaite

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