Monday, January 10, 2011


Best album cover? As of late, at least? I tend to think so...
I GOT STACKS BRUH BRUH!!!!!! Rasputin music in Berkeley has a really good new and used rap section
Jacked my leg up when I flew into a yellow curb. Stick under one of my front wheels.
I musta hit the curb hard because it left paint marks 'pon the pant leg... I'm limpin tho!
Sweet new wall decoration
looks like some little madafwaku lost his shoe tho... On a side note, check this right here for an interesting bunch of pics from the gathering of the juggalos.
This might not be the best choice of album cover art for you, Sheek, but I wish you the very best!!
It's them farm boys tho. Rap music in general has an infinite supply of great/funny/perplexing cover art. Just spend a couple hours surfing through this right here and you'll know what I mean...
Kafani had that hit with Keak da Sneak "fast like a nascar" but that's all I've ever heard from him. I guess he's still husslin' that music game... "Kafani baby........ Fast!!!".
This young man doesn't look that comfortable on a skateboard

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