Monday, December 20, 2010

Homefront Hustling

Domestic update: the rain and cold has been keeping us cooped up in the house as of late... So for now we got just some shots of fam doing what we do around here on Boyce Street.
Just in time for the holiday season! Photo courtesy of Alex Richardson.
Wes has fully embraced the salad lifestyle. He also likes whiskey sours.
Oh! Aye!
Check out our fridge art! Aye! Oh! Push the gasser, go faster!
Guess which one is mine and which one is Wes's.
This is that garbage X recycling collabo coming soon to a boutique near you...
"nah, not really..." This is one of those crazy religious pamphlets, courtesy of my man Bryan C. of Iseerobots. we proceeded to violate and desecrate it.
...which means imma go to hell!! Screw it.
Hard as nails Darren Lutter stopped by, fully sporting my Raiders jersey. Go niners!
And yes, I am actually going to read this. Perfect for those long and rainy winter days/nights when there is nothing else to do but read...

New video clip coming soon. Woohooo!

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