Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Definition of Gas

Cobra$wag fam and correspondent Alex Richardson is neighbors with this young man in "the City" (Redwood City?)
Sweet face tats! I wonder if he really killed people to get those.
If you didn't get it, he's REALLY into Lil Wayne and Birdman and Cash Money/Young Money records and all that shit. Check the tats:
Weezy, Birdman and the Jumpman, as well as some other weird ones on there.

Alex is also an adamant fan of Lil Wayne and Young Money, and although I personally despise the Lil Wayne of today and all his most recent music, I do partake in his music from 2005 and before, especially the Hot Boys and those SQAD UP mixtapes he made. If you're into the rap shit too, there is a 100 greatest Lil Wayne songs "listicle" to check out. Some good/funny stuff on there. There's a Diplomats one too, which is ok...

Stuff I found on other blogs and all that:

Everybody knows that "teach me how to dougie" song, right? Or do I live in some sort of weird bubble...
He nuts...
He crazy... Anybody else into this crazy Mofo?

This dude got SWAG


  1. i talk a lot of shitDecember 3, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    Young Money is pretty terrible, even by terrible rap standards. I remember when this blog was good/original. (hint hint galen)

  2. hmmm nah I don't get the hint tho. Who dis? Isaac? Kevin Belew? Josh Powner?
    write me an email or something and we can talk

  3. Lil B is weak. Oh shit, maybe I just don't get it!

  4. Ha yeah
    Lil B is crazy
    I think that's the appeal tho? Dunno

  5. yo nyq,

    lil b is from wolf pack?... got my vans on.
    do u mean like" Lil B is crazy"... soft? hahaha just kidding man


  6. Yeah thats the one. Lil B isn't very good. I dunno I can get into it sometimes. He's merely an internet phenomenon, but his shows sell out everywhere he performs. Just google "thank you based god" and you'll see all the hype he's getting on the internet. Weird shit