Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Excursion to Santa Cruz

This post took too long to make. Whatever! Me and Peter drove to Santa Cruz for one night. Sean helped us out with a "sleep spot." Good experience, lots of fun!

Last picture of the trip. Headed home in San Francisco.
Aye! The type of spot you really have to take in. Possibly the perfect spot for a facebook picture.

I was confident about my timing on this first try Bennihana. Unfortunately I didn't do Sean's dope flyout justice and I took the pic too soon! oops!
Aftermath of the NHS transaction...
Thas' Derby
The pitch black portion is supposed to be the ocean. The flash on a disposable camera isn't the most fine tuned instrument. Whatever.
Tha Venue. Shit was about to go down.
Woo hipster free for all

This photo captures the difference in mood between tha crue (of three) and the rest of the crowd.
That big moment. Tha main superstar

Sean is a pretty big Ariel Pink fan and he showcased his fandom by lifting the man into the air. Later he divulged that Ariel didn't smell very good.

Ethan Fowler rail, boi! Check comments for more info dawg * * < chea you kno!!
Ish was somewhat live!!...
Then we walked back...more photos from at there at tha coast. Heads was vibing out there.

Apparently Burg was running on no sleep at the park the next morning. He still killed it. Longsleeve thermal, track pants, and red cons. Gully!!
Facebook spot:

Tha boy-boy yung wes copped a nose manny at the lakai/ facebook spot

Sean had a unique approach to the spot. He skated a pile of discarded construction tools and dirt 50-50 into the concrete slab
Upon arrival we learned that our host was out of commission skateboard-wise.Uhhh...duh.

Photos was all mixed up so....whatever! This post was scattered moments from two days worth of driving/skateboarding/walking/ariel pink thing and the other stuff in between those 4.

reblogging complications

I wish Tumblr was more compatible with other blogging platforms (such as or when it came to "reposting" or shouting out other peoples blog content. Nevertheless, I feel the need to share this with you:
Or the direct youtube links:

Real Nigga Tumblr is like totally my favorite blog on the internet... I guess Tumblr is in a class of its own when it comes to blogging, though. So sleek, so easy, so.... sexy!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Homefront Hustling

Domestic update: the rain and cold has been keeping us cooped up in the house as of late... So for now we got just some shots of fam doing what we do around here on Boyce Street.
Just in time for the holiday season! Photo courtesy of Alex Richardson.
Wes has fully embraced the salad lifestyle. He also likes whiskey sours.
Oh! Aye!
Check out our fridge art! Aye! Oh! Push the gasser, go faster!
Guess which one is mine and which one is Wes's.
This is that garbage X recycling collabo coming soon to a boutique near you...
"nah, not really..." This is one of those crazy religious pamphlets, courtesy of my man Bryan C. of Iseerobots. we proceeded to violate and desecrate it.
...which means imma go to hell!! Screw it.
Hard as nails Darren Lutter stopped by, fully sporting my Raiders jersey. Go niners!
And yes, I am actually going to read this. Perfect for those long and rainy winter days/nights when there is nothing else to do but read...

New video clip coming soon. Woohooo!