Friday, November 5, 2010

The Internet: Still (Somewhat) Relevant in 2010, Part 2

The parody...

The original..
Apparently Waka was offended by the parody, a fact which I find to be very perplexing:
Also, in other important news relevant to the youth of America, Four Loko may be discontinued...

And now for more photos and stuff that I've stolen off other blogs:
Barack No-Drama
I want this
Notice he has TWO pairs of sunglasses in frame 3...
if you didn't vote for Obama, you can just pop an Orange Obama ex pill and you'll be good
Master P! yeah
My boy Alex bought this book.
This lil' Yorkie knows wassup when it come to hustlin that good-good
Let him cook, Based God
More Lil B wierdness. "Fuck him in the ass", really? Gotta love Twitter and rappers with smartphones who tweet all the time...
This is what I'm gonna be when I am reincarnated. I'm gonna be messing shit up, watch out.

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  1. Yeah I heard about that Four Loko thing. Some kid was telling me about it, I guess shit just got out of hand.