Thursday, October 14, 2010

Me and My Goon Squad

Edit: Just put new version of the poster up which you can click on to make bigger and which has new artists added to the roster...
Two of my fellow artists/goons/skater friends of mine run some pretty tight lil' independent skateboard companies around here in Sonoma County. Saif is the owner and proprietor of Pleasant Skateboards, while Julia is the owner and proprietor of Sloth Skateboards. I've ridden both of their wood (no homo) and I'm fully backing both of 'em. They also make some pretty cool art. Their artsy stuff and that of a bunch of other folks we know from the Santa Rosa scene are going to be in the "Pleasant Family Art Show", happening on October 23rd. Hope y'all can attend!!!!
On another note, here are some recent sort-of random photos:
This is how lil' robbie feels about the world right now...
"Galen got that Garey Busey swag" Shut-up, I look great
Hmmm, perhaps my empty wallet is trying to tell me something...
My dawgs shotgunnin' just because
And I feel the need to include the following video just because its the hottest thing on the internet right now. If you don't have the Flockaveli album yet, you slippin'. Getcha torrent game up!
On the flip tho, do you think that perhaps after watching this video folks in the hood (or wherever else, not trying to be biased here) will be inspired to watch No Country For Old Men, or any other Coen Brothers films? That would be an interesting turn of events...

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  1. West Coast represent, now put your hands up!