Tuesday, October 26, 2010


there is a photo recap of the Pleasant art show on deck right now at www.muddbutprints.blogspot.com. Check that out, it's my man Jacky Graydon's blog. Good stuff.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Frat Boiz

My man Ryan made a video about frat boys for school. Me and Wes, among others, helped him write the raps for it. This shits is pretty funny...

The Frat Boys! from Galen Kennedy on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Me and My Goon Squad

Edit: Just put new version of the poster up which you can click on to make bigger and which has new artists added to the roster...
Two of my fellow artists/goons/skater friends of mine run some pretty tight lil' independent skateboard companies around here in Sonoma County. Saif is the owner and proprietor of Pleasant Skateboards, while Julia is the owner and proprietor of Sloth Skateboards. I've ridden both of their wood (no homo) and I'm fully backing both of 'em. They also make some pretty cool art. Their artsy stuff and that of a bunch of other folks we know from the Santa Rosa scene are going to be in the "Pleasant Family Art Show", happening on October 23rd. Hope y'all can attend!!!!
On another note, here are some recent sort-of random photos:
This is how lil' robbie feels about the world right now...
"Galen got that Garey Busey swag" Shut-up, I look great
Hmmm, perhaps my empty wallet is trying to tell me something...
My dawgs shotgunnin' just because
And I feel the need to include the following video just because its the hottest thing on the internet right now. If you don't have the Flockaveli album yet, you slippin'. Getcha torrent game up!
On the flip tho, do you think that perhaps after watching this video folks in the hood (or wherever else, not trying to be biased here) will be inspired to watch No Country For Old Men, or any other Coen Brothers films? That would be an interesting turn of events...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Non-Smartphone Blogging

Most of these photos are from my phone, which is a piece of shit. You can't even upload them to the computer with it, so I had to send them to my friend Alex (thanks bro), who owns an iPhone that then send all the photos to my email. Ahhh, the infinite pleasures and uses for technology. Perhaps someday I'll own a smartphone, or maybe even a Blackberry. Or a Blueberry! Or a STRAWBERRY!!

I work in the Children's Room at the Central branch of the Sonoma County Library, so I come across a lot of interesting, and sometimes bizarre, books...
What a silly name for a silly biography about Bob Marley. I bet Bobby would've been bummed on all the corny shirts, stickers, posters and other bullshit products with his face on it that college kids purchase at an amazing rate, 365 days a year.
Hehehehe... "don't touch me there"
My favorite all time children's book cover. Wait, I wonder what the Heroin one looks like?
Hmmm seems like R Kelly wrote a book... "Everytime I shoot a shot its like swiss"
This lil' babe is HYPED for that circumcision!!!!
Evidence of Juggalo subculture influencing Disney books about face-painting.
HEY KIDS! Are those other spanish books boring and stupid ? Well now you can learn spanish with FUCKING BATMAN!!! YEAHHHHHH!!

Other random photos...
Denny's in Novato, 3 or 4 am, coming back from "the city" after a long night. I believe I had just woken up after passing out for a couple hours. I slept on the sidewalk in SF for like 45 minutes and missed a sick Mix Master Mike set at some club, but luckily my friend Darren was watching over me and made sure nobody crept up on the kid..
"Fine Art'... This was at an art show that same night that I passed out on the sidewalk. The art show was sick, they had some drawing by Daniel Johnston there as well. This really nice gay gay kept giving us glasses of wine, and then later water. Maybe the excessive consumption of wine explains why I felt like it was ok to sleep on the sidewalk.
You know I only sleep in "horses".
DAT PINK PONY. "I only read magazines wit horses in 'em"
Dad's cute lil' doggy
Evidence that "abuse of pharmaceuticals=death"
This is available at the local Santa Rosa Plaza, along with "CALI WE GO HARD" sweatshirts, among other retarded gear choices...
Even more evidence of Juggalos infiltrating the mainstream... Their favorite soda now available in glass bottles at Oliver's...

Now my boy Alex gets to shine. He's currently shinin', on vacation in SD (Daygo):
Poolside.... SWAG
Beach nature beauty...
This is funny because... Mormons don't drink tea!?
Fly kicks...
Katydid met it's demise and and ants are having a ball...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Internet: Still Worthwhile In 2010

As a college student, I'm supposed to use the internet to learn and research valuable and wholesome things, things that are relevant to my "career". But I'm no dummy, right? So I spend hours and hours trolling various blogs and websites dedicated to the best of the best, "dat real street shit". Or just funny shit. Here are some of my favorite images and videos of the past few months, stuff I've collected. Some of them won't be relevant or comprehensible to all the visitors of this blog, such as the Waka Flocka Flame parodies/memes, but that's ok.

my man here on some M.O.B. hype
Lil Jon is still relevant in 2010
Lil baby girl 'bout to get "merked"
No need to explain this one...
A campus classic
This one cool too
Lil Boosie is currently incarcerated...
Cam'ron is hella tight
kitty cat pictures are all over the internet
The original poster for Master P's masterpiece

"the internet"
GRAAAAAAHHHH!!!! This one would be a sweet tattoo
Birdman... is that some sort of Gucci Du-rag?
No need to explain this one either. Why is the text coming out all messed up like this? I can't change it back
A pair of sexy ass guns
Parody of the Black Flag logo
got damn, shawty
I bet you sure did...
Another genius album cover

Some videos...

"full on, double rainbow all the way across the sky oh my god.... what does this mean?"

Juggalos are perhaps the most fascinating subculture ever.... see if you can get through this whole thing