Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend At Portland's - Guest Poster: Isaac bunbaclot Newton pon da rite tang, rasta

Went on a trip to Portland for a week a while back this summer. Not sure why I'm posting this over a month after the trip but all of the pictures came off of Chris' camera and he enjoys getting irie so that probably has something to do with the delay in time. The last time I was given the green light on a guest road trip post (if you recall the road soda pictures on the Pleasant site) it was deleted after a few days and someone left a comment saying something along the lines of 'worst post ever' so I'm feeling a bit timid sitting in front of the computer and a little stressed trying to layout a blog post (I've been out of school for a bit so the run-on sentences will be heavily peppered throughout this post). I would appreciate it if you would leave some comments and please go easy on the hating (there's a lot of that going around right now and I'm one of the few who doesn't love that type of crowd, so go easy). There are a lot of pictures so I'll be posting the trip in sections. First and foremost I am going to come out and say that the act of skateboarding is completely fucking boring so there will absolutely be no pictures of skating or any of that bullshit 'round heeyah, kid. First post is going to be all Joey and he's not exactly the best looking guy in the world so bare wit me hollatchaboiii.
As I said before, Joey Brains ain't exactly up on his pretty boy swag
Contrary to popular belief; smoking and drinking does make you look cool

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I present to you, Mr. Lomax. "-Please, call me Bernie." On the ride up Chris Miggles' coke white volvo broke down in Wolf creek or Coyote creek. A sign read Coyote Creek and Wolf Creek with arrows pointing in opposite directions so it's pretty obvious we were in shits creek territory. Straight redneck white boy turf. I think we were rollin right up on shits creek at this point and Jacky and I were a tad (taken with a grain of salt of course) concerned with Joe's well being. Not sure if you can tell from dis picture but nigga is like sweatin profusibably at dis point, son.
Trader Joe with guests (starting from left to right) Jack, Isaac

Joekowski with blog(uette??) guest Molly. Notice the PBR with the sissy straw (prolly like how that shit waz meant ta drink, do). And if you watched that Bukowski link anywhere past 1:12 you're probably conceded or some sort of self-proclaimed chill artists so you really doesn't matter in term of the grand scheme of things anyway.

Jupiter Joe

For those in the know: Scummy Joe seen here with young Miggs. And if you watched that last link past 1:54 you probably don't have much of a life (like your humble narrator) and I hope you're enjoying these low-blow pictures of an old alcoholic friend of mine. I know I am. I'll drink a beer to that, so long as it's not some girly Pabst-esque kind of whatwfabakgdafgkadb

It ain't Joey Brain but it'll havta do. Jack GrayDonJuan in full flava

Camel Toe Joe. I think we were still in Cali Swag District at this point so you can probably just ignore this one.

Mr. Lomax doin his thang in tha world, bebe

If you're calling ABD on this one its actually slightly different than the first picture. If you're actually really concerned with ABDazzles then (not than, idiots) you should actually look into what has been done down the SRHS eight stair and probably never go back to it. More Portland pictures to come in the future (I would say near future but what with the skateboarding being on the internet these days that would mean three hours from now) and I heard something about a tour video in the works. The dudes on this trip either smoke weed or aren't all that bright to begin with so not more than (and NO not then) likely I'll be the one having to capture and edit all of the garbage that will eat up even more memory off of my computer.

The above is courtesy of rude and crude Isaac Nielsen. Please do not be offended or suprised by his guest post. Here's something to cheer you up; this little video made my day. Alice, the Cheshire Cat and a caterpillar doing Three 6 Mafia raps. Very well edited and put together. If you don't know about the PWBC , you do now:


  1. ouch joe, burnt like a wild pile fire.

    narrotor; you're saying you aint down with hatin' as of late, then you go ballistic on "lazy weed-brain'd homies", wusupwitthat?

  2. How are you claiming you can't get through Nyquil's short paragraphs and then you come through on the same blog trying to write a whole novel, yo?

    Thanks for the "guest post"


  4. basically, for all the facebook spewing we've heard from you rasta rage man, it sure seems like you've got alot to offer.,,...,.the world wide web

  5. I could probably come back with yet another wise-ass remark to defend myself or to call out Anonymous (Wes Allen, wassapers, boiee) but this is exactly why I don't have my own blog/facebook/etc. The Portland posts will be over sooner than you know it.

  6. nah its just you act like a small child

  7. where's the next cobra-tape YO YO!

  8. Is this Isaac from the Chalker Chronichles? When am I gonna get my Fridays?

  9. Isaac from Cobra SwagOctober 1, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    nahhh this ain't no isaac from no chronicle dawg so like ya'll just go back to Tuesday or whateva tha fuck ya'll talkin bout

  10. The "oak" comment is probably the best thing I have read pertaining to Santa Rosa skateboard scene politics ever on the internet. THX