Monday, September 13, 2010


Back to business...

I apologize for not updating the blog recently. School is nuts; makes you go crazy and takes up a lot of time. I think I'm gonna start calling Sonoma State "cali fag district" (please do not catch feelings because I used the fag word) in homage to all the fruity clothes that guys wear there and also because we all love that hot new slumper "teach me how to dougie", by Cali Swag District. Whats up with all this jerkin' rap? I hear Cali Swag District is from Victorville, California. If I lived in Victorville I would probably go crazy and start a jerkin rap group too...
Hot new clip and crazy photos are soon to be dropping in the next week.
For now, some flicks from the other night. They're really small so you can't click on 'em to make 'em smaller. Gotta change the settings on my camera...
Wes in front of the local traphouse:
How artsy can I get? Pretty goddamn artsy:
Look at Wes's technique on this slappy back smith... tweaked foot!!
Steelo so classic that I'm gonna hook yall up wit a "double dose":
Taildrop into the Riley Street "bank"
We out here smobbin' through the bushes:
Kickflip at the cement plant banks:

As an added bonus, Im adding the video for Sippin' On Some Sizzurp by Three 6 Mafia and UGK. I had forgotten about this one. Check out how everybody in the video gets hooked up with baby bottles of "dat lean". Has anybody ever tried drinking Purple Drank? I did it once and the hangover the next day was definitely not worth it. But then again, I'm not a rapper and I don't like feeling like I'm about to fall asleep all day off that sizzurp and cali weed. Project Pat, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, sings the hook. I also love Pimp C's line "Hydro-co-done on a hands free phone". A hands free phone musta been quite something back then.
And then we got the remix video, "Purple Punch", featuring the Diplomats. Juicy J is, astoundingly, wearing a West Coast Choppers bandanna in the video. Bad swag choice my man, but you still my boy. I also think that Jim Jones of the Diplomats may be one of the worst or most annoying well-paid/popular rappers out there right now. Anybody care to agree with me? Also, why was the best rapper in the Diplomats crew, Cam'ron, excluded from the video?

Oh and on a side note, I don't have a Twitter account, I just say "follow me on twitter" to people because thats what assholes/celebrities with big egos, and rappers, do. I mean, I'm an asshole, but at least I'm just being sarcastic!!

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  1. dog e(thizzly) frsshSeptember 19, 2010 at 3:52 AM

    shit dog fucckckckin mad hilariouuss keep up the rap stilo fukcin mad hatin shit. i luv i i live 4v that