Monday, August 23, 2010

"Oh Go"

I made a podcast that consists of some of my favorite summer jams and some other random songs... We got some trap rap, some gangsta rap, some swag rap, some hipster music, some crazy dancehall, and some snotty euro house music.
PRGz - Tip Down
Freddie Gibbs - Murda On My Mind
Drop the Lime - Sex Sax
Bounty Killer - Ruff Ryders Anthem
Friendly Fires - Paris (aeroplane remix)
Soulja Boy - First Day Of School

If you'd like to download the podcast I think you can go to to get it...

Our friend and accomplice in mischief Darren "Dayquil" Lutter got in a bit of a car accident, and lets just say that his black pickup truck will be residing permanently at the Pick n' Pull up in Windsor. Remember, get enough sleep before you drive to work, kids!!! It could of been much worse, but his face got pretty roughed up. Stitches were required:
Stay up, dawg!!...

My main man Wes Allen decided to have a relaxing afternoon after work the other day, so to kick back and keep it "muy tranquilo" he went to the store and purchased one of the infamous new canned beverages called "Four Loko". A calming and relaxing alcoholic beverage featuring caffeine, taurine, guarana, and wormwood... You can even get it in cotton candy flavor!!! Wes chose "loko uva" flavor and accompanied it with pico de gallo and chips:
For cross reference, try watching this rap video about four loko:
Frequent cobraswag collaborator and independent (Pleasant) filmer Ras Nielsen made a trip up to Portland with our buddies Jack, Jared D., Chris Miglio, and Joey "bananas"Hyland. He only took ten photos, but I suspect it's because he was having too much fun. Lots of partying and lurking on the streets of Portland went down, or so it seems, I dunno I wasn't there... More photos of the trip to come soon from Chris Miglio's camera.


  1. Bumming on no option to make those photos bigger. Loading podcast now, shit is already going hard.

  2. Yeah I gotta fix the photo specs or options or whatever