Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guest Post: Wesman's Trip To North Dakota

All photos provided by my big sister, Meg Messina

Fresh off the plane. Minot ND activities bulletin board:

Burger liable to give you a heart attack

Meal liable to give you a heart attack

Me and Lil Sis miming "wings" and "rings"

Me posing in front of a really cool window display...

Super clean boots lined up in the bootery

Signs showing that we're in the heartland:

It was a miracle:

Pressing a small button would make this machine play a series of rap video "shout outs" for Nuvo sparkling liqueur. It was pretty on smash.

The take off point of a pretty killer water slide that fam decided to get busy on:

We out here @ big sky country, dawg:

More Americana swag:

Posted up in front of a clean-ass whip:

These photos represent the "downtime" from a weekend that consisted of a lot of catching up with distant relatives. It was a fun trip.


  1. Thanks for the photo cred! Your captioning skills are off the hook and when i'm rich I'll be hiring you to caption all my photos.

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