Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cali Swag District: A Bay Area State Of Mind

I decided to get out of town for a few days and journeyed to the secluded part of Richmond known as Point Richmond, or "the point". My friend Alex (AKA Larry Poppins when he's doing his rap thing) is staying at house overlooking the bay there. It's a world of its own, not even connected to the city of Richmond. I think the town is entirely populated by older white folks who don't even talk to each other or something. It's quaint, historic, and of course fucking BOOOORRRIIIINNNNGGGG. But we popped bottles, relaxed in a leisurely manner, and had the time of our lives.
Sunset over "da bay" with a view of the San Rafael bridge...

Vices... What's a celebration without them? Alcohol, weed, GQ magazines with pretty girls in them... You name it, we had it there.

Grillin on da deck:
This sword is made out of a swordfish sword bro!!!
Eating photos... We did a lot of eating out.
BLT bro
Pensive face... I was probably thinking about something deep such as... rap music?
Post hyphy thizz face, all the while still being pensive:
I thought I was getting a meatloaf sandwich, but I got this instead. I think this was breakfast.
Beautiful, boring ass downtown Point Richmond:
Alex on his smartphone, "I'm so fucking sick of Point Richmond"... Notice his clean New York skate hipster swag, with Supreme camo cargo shorts, Ray Ban wayfarers, and white tee. A very gracious host, thanks bro!!!
Someday I will live in a house like this in Point Richmond, complete with a color matching Hummer such as the one pictured. Alex's white tee also matches.
Ipod crimes: let's take a picture of this shit!!
"When I blow, I ash the blunt anywhere"... literally!
I like mice, but Alex does not. They eat his food 'n stuff. Check out those high tech new style mouse traps.

A view of the bay in the daytime... blah blah blah MAD CORNY

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  1. when I blow, I ash the blunt anywhere!!!!