Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kickflips and Banana Clips

The following clip features a heavy amount of Four Loko, the hottest new 24 oz. beverage on the block. Skateboarding by Wes Allen, Darren "Dayquil" Lutter, "Juicy" Jay Masonek, Alex, Joe Hyland, and myself, Galen Kennedy. Music by the Hot Boys, "we on fire". Intro by Ryan Butler and rapper Cam'ron. Leave me some comments folks, I need creative feedback/criticism... Like whoa!

Kickflips and Banana Clips from Galen Kennedy on Vimeo.

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Oh Go"

I made a podcast that consists of some of my favorite summer jams and some other random songs... We got some trap rap, some gangsta rap, some swag rap, some hipster music, some crazy dancehall, and some snotty euro house music.
PRGz - Tip Down
Freddie Gibbs - Murda On My Mind
Drop the Lime - Sex Sax
Bounty Killer - Ruff Ryders Anthem
Friendly Fires - Paris (aeroplane remix)
Soulja Boy - First Day Of School

If you'd like to download the podcast I think you can go to to get it...

Our friend and accomplice in mischief Darren "Dayquil" Lutter got in a bit of a car accident, and lets just say that his black pickup truck will be residing permanently at the Pick n' Pull up in Windsor. Remember, get enough sleep before you drive to work, kids!!! It could of been much worse, but his face got pretty roughed up. Stitches were required:
Stay up, dawg!!...

My main man Wes Allen decided to have a relaxing afternoon after work the other day, so to kick back and keep it "muy tranquilo" he went to the store and purchased one of the infamous new canned beverages called "Four Loko". A calming and relaxing alcoholic beverage featuring caffeine, taurine, guarana, and wormwood... You can even get it in cotton candy flavor!!! Wes chose "loko uva" flavor and accompanied it with pico de gallo and chips:
For cross reference, try watching this rap video about four loko:
Frequent cobraswag collaborator and independent (Pleasant) filmer Ras Nielsen made a trip up to Portland with our buddies Jack, Jared D., Chris Miglio, and Joey "bananas"Hyland. He only took ten photos, but I suspect it's because he was having too much fun. Lots of partying and lurking on the streets of Portland went down, or so it seems, I dunno I wasn't there... More photos of the trip to come soon from Chris Miglio's camera.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cali Swag District: A Bay Area State Of Mind

I decided to get out of town for a few days and journeyed to the secluded part of Richmond known as Point Richmond, or "the point". My friend Alex (AKA Larry Poppins when he's doing his rap thing) is staying at house overlooking the bay there. It's a world of its own, not even connected to the city of Richmond. I think the town is entirely populated by older white folks who don't even talk to each other or something. It's quaint, historic, and of course fucking BOOOORRRIIIINNNNGGGG. But we popped bottles, relaxed in a leisurely manner, and had the time of our lives.
Sunset over "da bay" with a view of the San Rafael bridge...

Vices... What's a celebration without them? Alcohol, weed, GQ magazines with pretty girls in them... You name it, we had it there.

Grillin on da deck:
This sword is made out of a swordfish sword bro!!!
Eating photos... We did a lot of eating out.
BLT bro
Pensive face... I was probably thinking about something deep such as... rap music?
Post hyphy thizz face, all the while still being pensive:
I thought I was getting a meatloaf sandwich, but I got this instead. I think this was breakfast.
Beautiful, boring ass downtown Point Richmond:
Alex on his smartphone, "I'm so fucking sick of Point Richmond"... Notice his clean New York skate hipster swag, with Supreme camo cargo shorts, Ray Ban wayfarers, and white tee. A very gracious host, thanks bro!!!
Someday I will live in a house like this in Point Richmond, complete with a color matching Hummer such as the one pictured. Alex's white tee also matches.
Ipod crimes: let's take a picture of this shit!!
"When I blow, I ash the blunt anywhere"... literally!
I like mice, but Alex does not. They eat his food 'n stuff. Check out those high tech new style mouse traps.

A view of the bay in the daytime... blah blah blah MAD CORNY

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Porno Beat

New clip featuring skateboarding by Isaac Nielsen, Wes Allen, Galen Kennedy, Uriah, and Sean Morales... Filming by Jack Graydon, Wes Allen, and Galen Kennedy. Lots of lifestyle footage in this one, maybe a bit too much?!!? Pardon me for the explicit language...

Porno Beat from Galen Kennedy on Vimeo.

I messed up my knee when I crashed on my road bike, shit is mad swollen, pictures below...

also, our friend Saif Azzuz ( made us a sweet painting for me and Wes's apartment. I'm fully into it. Photo below...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guest Post: Wesman's Trip To North Dakota

All photos provided by my big sister, Meg Messina

Fresh off the plane. Minot ND activities bulletin board:

Burger liable to give you a heart attack

Meal liable to give you a heart attack

Me and Lil Sis miming "wings" and "rings"

Me posing in front of a really cool window display...

Super clean boots lined up in the bootery

Signs showing that we're in the heartland:

It was a miracle:

Pressing a small button would make this machine play a series of rap video "shout outs" for Nuvo sparkling liqueur. It was pretty on smash.

The take off point of a pretty killer water slide that fam decided to get busy on:

We out here @ big sky country, dawg:

More Americana swag:

Posted up in front of a clean-ass whip:

These photos represent the "downtime" from a weekend that consisted of a lot of catching up with distant relatives. It was a fun trip.