Friday, July 16, 2010

"live ass niggas"

Second scorpion of the night. This one was crawling on the wall in my moms house, but the other one was on a roll of toilet paper that i picked up in one of the bathrooms. Tight! You just gotta throw them outside but its kinda crazy catching them sometimes... They take refuge in the house during the summer rainy season.

artsy dog shots

Wild´n with the barajas brothers. Homeboys from back in the day.

daniel barajas... classic finger shot

salsa and cactus fruit, mexico style swag

The barajas family members always give me free food whenever i visit their family restaurant, Los Burritos. I ate a whole bunch and started to fade... it was actually siesta time though. This is me and Missael B.

cappucinos on smash

david barajas

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