Thursday, July 29, 2010

Industrial Skate Machines

This montage was filmed by Wes Allen, Jack Graydon, and Galen Kennedy. Some very serious and aggressive street skateboarding to go with a very serious and aggressive song. Music by the Front Line Assembly and DJ Funkaho...

Industrial Skate Machines from Galen Kennedy on Vimeo.

Also, an alternate edit by Wes Allen using some of the Fremont footage. This one is a little more lighthearted, more of a "summahtime swag"...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mexico Trip Video Edit

A bunch of random stuff I filmed while in Mexico (San Miguel de Allende) during 2 weeks in July. Skateboarding by myself and Gabriel OrdoƱez. Oh and music is by Robyn

Vimeo link here (better quality):

Friday, July 16, 2010

"live ass niggas"

Second scorpion of the night. This one was crawling on the wall in my moms house, but the other one was on a roll of toilet paper that i picked up in one of the bathrooms. Tight! You just gotta throw them outside but its kinda crazy catching them sometimes... They take refuge in the house during the summer rainy season.

artsy dog shots

Wild´n with the barajas brothers. Homeboys from back in the day.

daniel barajas... classic finger shot

salsa and cactus fruit, mexico style swag

The barajas family members always give me free food whenever i visit their family restaurant, Los Burritos. I ate a whole bunch and started to fade... it was actually siesta time though. This is me and Missael B.

cappucinos on smash

david barajas

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


when you get a case of Montezumas revenge, you go and get yourself some immodium. This stuff is magic.

more corny pretty shots of the city from my moms house

when you want to relax in classic latin style you go to the store and get yourself a tallcan of... old milwaukee??

Me and ryan went to the tuesday market and I started to feel a little bit hip hop... So I made a few purchases. The fifty cent belt is ryans though.

ryan got some stuffed animals and a punk cd
bonus video...i watch this video at least once a day, its great

Monday, July 12, 2010

south of the border swag

Nyquil here reporting from the depths of darkest mexico.

I aint even mad that im here though, even though im rubbing shoulders with drug lords and corrupt cops on the regular...

Mother dearest with many of her paintings behind her...

pretty town swag

ryan doing something strange

serious guap on the scene

no thizzle in this neighborhood please...
my internet connection is mad slow, will put more photos and video clips up soon. Holla!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Play'n It Raw

Ran into my boy Joey Bananas at Stars the other day. Got some lines with the boy!! Music by The Diplomats, and cameo by Ryan Butler...

Wesman hit the downtown scene hard on Tuesday night filming with Brian H. He messed up his hand crazy like!!

Famous rapper/celebrity A-Staxx was in town for a minute as well. He blessed us with his presence for a few minutes before he snuck off to another crib to smoke a 1/4 ounce blunt! Notice the Polo Ralph Lauren clothing.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swag when I surf

So me and wesman decided to tag along with Brian H and Tony E among others to the St. Helena skatepark to get some swag surfing done. Imma go ahead and say this park is pretty BOMB, a wine country gem. "shawty girl youse a diamond"
Here is some footage of wes filmed on my digital camera and a clip of Toan placing his foot on a light post whilst doing a "tre bomb".
Oh and some pics of the barbecue that happened as well. We were drinking bud light to keep the carbs and flab off, trying to keep that lean summer bod you know.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Unicorn Swag

Julia and judy showed up!!
They were checking out my new blog!!
While wes and sean were choosing a new movie to watch...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

road dog chiggin night, kickback, blog launch party!!

Sean Morales was here posted with wesman

Check out my new dapper look!! JK, just kidding, this will end soon

more swag

sad clown swag
Reek daddy is crazy swag
controversial Z-ro album poster swag
Promethazine w/codeine swag
MS-18 swag


teach ME how to dougie!!!

Pyrex Vision

OG Menace ad
OG hot boys clique, notice hot pepper headbands and armbands. Hope turk gets out of jail soon! Also, Slim Williams looks like a real sweetheart in this photo, sort of like a gentle, pensive giant.