Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quick Skateboarding Interlude: YUNG DIESEL BOYS VOLUME 4 - "Still cookin"

Personally I dunno how my mainest dawg and all-around ripper Wes Allen (aka Tuque if you 'bout that Slap-messageboard life) jumped from Volume 2 to Volume 4 of the YUNG DIESEL BOYS skateboarding-and-rap-appreciation-video-series, because I would hate to miss one of these tight-ass installments. "Wait, where's Volume 3!?!?", I asked myself. Then I realized that my man right here was a born hustlapreneur and that, much like rap mixtapes and "street DVDs" are promoted, he's making us all feel like we've been slippin', like "oh shit a new Yung Diesel Boys vid out already? I better get my ass in gear and CATCH UP!!!" Anyways, streets been thirsty for this one....

YUNG DIESEL BOYS VOLUME 4 : "Still cookin'" from Thomas Allen on Vimeo.
Filmed all over Sonoma County, and of course Oakland. It's got appearances by Wes, Trevor Murphy, Peter Senecka, Isaac Nielsen, Jay Masonek, and more, including a strange rockabilly mexican whom I've never seen before.
I like how Wes's steadily expanding wardrobe is starting to include a lot of dope soccer jerseys, kinda like Husalah's current look. Also,  the audio from crazy video is incorporated into the clip, which is hella funny:


I'm out,


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pharmaceuticals in Rap Music Part 1: Lean in the Bay Area

The subject of drugs, in this case any substance with intoxicating effects, is a constant and incessant element in the lyrics and much of culture that encompasses and/or involves rap music and its creation. The dope game is really important in rap; it's a huge part of the surroundings of the places where rappers of the past, present, and future grew up and became what they are now, be it successful at a regional or national level (or both, or whatever, fucking who cares bro).  For the most part, I listen to "ignorant" (I hate using this word to describe my preference in music but it helps to shut people the fuck up) rap, gangsta know, the stuff that kids (I use the term"kids"used VERY loosely) in (mostly) urban settings supposedly like. I like it because its the rap music that's hella whimsical and fun to listen to, and which isn't anchored to the positive moral values favored in American society (I guess this would be white society, but I'm not really sure). Ignorant rap has much more creative liberty and is, in my opinion, the most creative and interesting music out there right now (wanna use the terms "gender-bending" and "boundary-pushing" but that just sounds silly...).
I'm talking about the music people really listen to in black neighborhoods, many of which are poor. Selling drugs is a viable option to make quick money and get out of the 'hood, and sometimes may be one of the few possible viable economic endeavors in many of these neighborhoods. It's hard for me to write about this shit, so I hope you, dear reader, get what I'm trying to say. And actually, this is starting to sound super gay and pretentious, so let me pause and "pour up my DRANK!", as they say...
Whoa there, I may have poured a lil' too much lean in my classic styrofoam cup (although it should be double stacked; I'm lookin like a total fukboi right now). Hope I don't nod off and become unable to finish this long-ass rambling post.
Maybe it's just me but, since about the year 2009, I feel like I've been seeing the rise of the subject of pharmaceuticals, pills and prescription drugs in rap music increase slowly but steadily. And this is not only selling the stuff but also consuming it too. First I wanna talk about lean, though. Lean is one the most widely abused pharmaceuticals in the United States and, without a doubt, very much abused by people who listen to and/or make hip-hop music. The phenomenon of prescription Promethazine w/Codeine cough syrup abuse in the black community is already well documented, and this is a decent documentary even though its from Vice:

 Shit,  even I've drank lean a few times (this drug is NOT for me), and I even put fucking jolly ranchers in my cup along with the syrup and the sprite the first time i did it! It sounded like so much fun! It tasted really good. I don't know HOW people drink this shit everyday because the next day I had the worst kind of brain-numbing hangover, felt like my eyes were being forced shut (like some sort of sleep dungeon in my brain!! :p).
The habit of drinking cough syrup, having originated it Houston,  sub-sequentially starting spreading throughout the south, and eventually to black communities all over the U.S. pretty much around the same time (or maybe a lil bit before) the aforementioned Vice Magazine documentary was released, which was around 2007. I feel like it was around 2009 to 2010 when it really started to get big in the Bay Area and, with my ears perked to rap trends and/on the internet, I started to hear about this "dirty sprite" in a lot of the Bay Area's music.
I recall reading a post on successful dope-man (strictly lean and packs of that loud)  Young Doonie's tumblr (couldn't find said post) where he said something like "back in 2009 the East was FLOODED with 'bo..." (the East meaning East-Oakland and "'bo" being the Bay Area slang term for this prescription syrup). Time has passed and lean has gained popularity, and now this gotdamn syrup is SUPER EXPENSIVE.
Supposedly, the minimum quantity of lean in the Bay Area available for purchase on them skreets is 1.5 ounces for 60 bucks, or $350-$650 for a pint, known as a "brick".  Prices probably vary quite a lot depending who you're dealing with, and remember, you guys: No seal, No deal!!!!!
Anyways, the stuff is still super popular out here in the Bay (here's a bonus pic from my instagram) and those kind of prices reflect the current demand, and the super high profit margins, for this strange warm-cozy-sleep/relaxation inducing concoction that only costs $20 to $40 bucks with a valid prescription at your local pharmacy. With such high prices and everybody wanting this stuff, there's quite a lot of fuckery going on, such as people making fake lean out of crushed up xanax diluted into  homemade syrups dyed with purple food coloring, or the the "stretching" of legit prescribed lean by using Karo syrup, as illustrated in this 2011 music video by one of my Bay favorites, Cousin Fik:

Interestingly enough though, the practice of selling lean and other drugs, and the (glorified consumption of said substances) has been moved to the popular smartphone app Instagram. And, since you asked, why yes, Fat Trel DOES put gummy worms in his drank:

In my many hours of browsing Instagram, I found a TON Instagram drug dealer accounts, where the dealer will actually Fedex the shit to your house. More on instagram hustlin later though, as I have to get ready for work. I've got photos, you guys! It's gonna be really great!

Friday, May 3, 2013


....... Hey there guys!!! You may be wondering what I've been doing for the past 2 and half months or so, since obviously that didn't include being a responsible citizen aka dynamic web content creator by at least attempting to UPDATE MY FUCKING BLOG....
 Well, I just have been doing that real gutter adult shit I guess, like learning firearm terminology in my english/spanish court interpreter class:

...Or like, just working a bunch and being super TREAL at that scrabble, Bruh:
 Y'all should feel free to play me, my username is nyquil707 on that Words With Friends, u feel me...
Besides that, hmmm, I guess I'm just lazy. A lot of my free time has been spent watching these gotdamn screaming frog videos on Youtube. Man, I seriously can't get enough of this!

In other video news, my main dude Wes"Wisin"Allen  has blessed us with a new skate clip, featuring footage mostly filmed up in Santa Rosa, but some other locations such as Oakland are featured too. Just what these streets been waiting for, I present to you "Young Diesel Boys Volume 2: Adventures with the Gouda Gang"
  Young Diesel Boys Volume 2 from Thomas Allen on Vimeo.
Adventures with the Gouda Gang...Streets been waiting
Pretty good lil vid right here. Funny shit, some real trickery, and a good music selection. Take note of Wes's switch alley-oop 180 up a curb with one of the dopest soccer jerseys I've ever seen, and also the use of Bobby Brackin's "Jon and Kate" song in a skate video, which I'm pretty sure might be THE BEST SONG EVER BROH

In music news, I mean fuck, Gucci Mane had his first appearance on the big screen as the bad guy in "Spring Breakers", which I went to see and suggest everybody else do as well. However, not so sure about Gucci's plan to start making his own movies:
"My plan is to drop three of my own films, that I produce, under my own company, Brick Squad Films, this year. It's going to be a big year for me in film. I guess the filmography of Gucci Mane has just begun."  I mean, he at the very least should learn to keep a movie trailer down to 2 minutes or less, not a 5 minutes 29 seconds long one for his "The Spot" movie, which essentially summarizes the movie for us so that we don't have to bear watching the whole thing.
Mr Mane has also been acting a donkey lately and getting his ass into some trouble by, er,  hitting a US soldier on the head with a champagne bottle in a nightclub. But, he's blessed us with like 3 or 4 mixtapes in the last couple months, so I guess it sort of evens things out, for me at least.

Before I let chall go, check out this pretty good new Future mixtape, "Black Woodstock", which features this banger of a track among others. The cover is kinda cray though:
...not to mention this other hilarious cover I found.....

Rocko has me bobbing my head to this track all the time, and Nemanja from Fusils A Pompe (an excellent French blog about mostly American rap music) made this tight Mitchy Slick mix:


I go to work, see chall later!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

few good ones

My homie Alex out in Newark, NJ made a pretty cool mix recently. It's co-branded with his website and this here blog, which I guess is known as a "collabo" in the streetwear market.

 It has some of my favorite tracks as of recent and some of his. It's a very listenable mix coming in at less than 30 minutes, so check it out (right click and save-as).

Mr. Brad Staba, a semi-frequent customer at my work and all around funny/crazy person, turned me on to a podcast he did at a Red Light Radio in Amsterdam. Turns out, much to my surprise, that he's a rap nerd too! Lots of good stuff here; Future, Cellski, Young Scooter and many more appear on this hour and a half banger of a podcast.

Lastly, if you're into hearing Too Short talk in depth about his career in a more-than-comfortable setting for longer than an hour, then listen to the new Champs podcast. You can suscribe on itunes as well.  If you don't listen to the Champs already, I suggest you do, as they're really fucking funny. Right-click and save-as for the Too $hort 'cast...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ratchet Hags

REAL evidence of Bay Area Hip Hop's influence on the mainstream!!! I wonder if the writer/s for Spongebob Squarepants listen to BAY RAP.
Speaking of ratchet underwater hags, do you guys know about the beautiful and gracious ocean creature know as the Hagfish?

These fuckers excrete slime in their enemies faces to create a disgusting and confusing wall of nastiness that can clog up a hungry fish's gills, and then they make their getaway.

At about 4:15 you can really see 'em in action, although the whole video is great. I hope I made you folk's day by alerting ch'all to the existence of this elegant and mermaid-like creature.
Before I leave lemme show you this tight slap n' video that I saw on Joe's website.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Youtube fun #2

Sup folks, Nyquil the Time Lord here. Hope ya'll are doing well. I've just been hanging out mostly and trying not to be seen:

 Found a Mac Dre song I'd never heard before the other day, which is actually pretty weird becuase I spent all my free time in college listening to what I thought was his entire discography on my "social introvert" headphones.

Awesome art to go with it! The comment section on a lot of Bay Area Rap songs on youtube are usually laced with game with all these up-and-coming hustlapreneurs who provide no end in comedic one-liners:
This person has the zen symbol for "no beggining, no end" as their avatar.

sounds a little excessive bro

Karl keeping these marks in check...



Also I did a tiny bit of writing for a 2012 end of year list. Click here.

Later guyz, kiss kiss, love you all

Thursday, December 20, 2012 Podcast #2

Thomas came out to my house in North Oakland (Ice City, North Pole, etc, etc...) and had me be a guest on the second installment of his fabulous podcast. While we bullshitted and acted like rap-nerds, we came to the conclusion that we DO NOT share the same tastes in non-rap music. Thomas HATES my weird moody techno shit!! :( :.(
Heres an accurate depiction of me and Thomas nitpicking the qualities of various songs, as well as the other's music taste

Nevertheless, we had a good time and drank a couple of all-American brews and definitely vibed on the rap songs we played. 
Click the silly snake to go to Thomas's website or play it using the red gadget below. If you click the "share" button on the Divshare gadget it gives you the option to download it in MP3 form. Enjoy!